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HOT BOY by Cassie-Ann L. Miller

My Review - I really enjoyed this story

A hot, sexy firefighter and the nerdy doctor he foolishly sent away 

Hot boy is a wonderful and well written second chance rom-com by the awesome talent that is Cassie-Ann L. Miller. Having read and loved the Dirty Suburbs series, I knew that this would be an enjoyable, easy to read and engaging story. Some of the stories really tear at my emotions and others are like coming home and being wrapped in a warm and loving hug. This was more of the hug type, though it certainly had it's angst and issues to work through too.

Ben and Angie were high school sweethearts, set on the white picket fence, the gaggle of kids and the happily ever after. Until Ben broke Angie's heart and she ran as far and as fast from Copper Heights as she could manage. She was determined to stay away, until a work place faux-pas with the boss's boss's boss's not yet ex-husband made that impossible. The first day of her new job she bumps into the very last person she ever wanted to see, sexy firefighter Ben Riggs.

What follows is a wonderful tale of battling broken hearts, unrestrained lust, second chances and love. Angie and Ben are just so down to earth and goddamn normal, which is what I love about Ms Miller's books. Her characters could be neighbours or friends, they're just normal people bogged down with the minutiae of real life. The story just drew me in and I didn't want to put the book down until it was finished. 

There are some wonderful side characters that add depth and extra interest to the book. Angie's sister Sophie has appeared in a few of the other books. The epilogue gives me great hope for at least two more amazing books, one for Sophie and another for Ben's brother Madden.

There are only a couple of s*x scenes, they are quite full on though not crude. Other than this the story is very inoffensive and is one I am happy to recommend to family and friends.


Save a fire truck. Ride a firefighter. Isn't that what they say?

Ben Riggs says he loves me. He says he hasn't stopped thinking about me since he broke my heart and chased me out of town all those years ago...

I say liar liar pants on fire.

And boy, do those bright yellow, flame-resistant fireman pants look good on him. I'm aching to feel those big, rough hands clenching on my hips and to collect on the illicit promises burning in his dark blue eyes.

Self-control goes up in flames every time he flashes that arrogant smile. So I give in—because a woman has needs. (Am I right, ladies?) He can have my body but my heart is off-limits. I've worked hard over the past few years to prove to myself that I can be successful without him in my life.

But Ben says he won't stop until he wins me back—mind, body and heart. He says I'd better stop trying to resist him. He may be a fireman but I'm the one fighting like hell against the inferno of lust and nostalgia closing in on us.

And it's a fight I can't afford to lose...

Hot Boy is a steamy, laugh-out-loud second chance, firefighter romance set in small town Illinois. It is book 4 in the Blue Collar Bachelors series.



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