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Hazard (Wayward Kings MC Book 3) by Zahra Girard

A messed-up single mum and a broken, ex-military biker - it's bound to be a match made in heaven

Hazard is the third book in Zahra Girard's Wayward Kings series. These are fairly gritty, unsanitised MC reads that, whilst interlinked, can all be read as stand alones. This is an author whose work I have previously enjoyed, with the Wayward Kings being, in my mind, some of her best. Bear and Ozzy were both well written and entertaining books, but they had quite a different feel to each other. So whilst I looked forward to reading Hazard I wasn't quite sure what I was going to get. Particularly since I didn't read the blurb (which I'm pleased about because it actually gives away quite a lot of the plot!)

Jarrett and Selena have history, but she disappeared on him without even a backwards glance. So what is her motive for suddenly turning up in Jarrett's clubhouse? Will a man who uses anger and alcohol to mask the effects of severe PTSD persuade Selena to stay around? Is a woman who can be as selfish and devious as Selena worth keeping around?

One of my pet peeves are those 'perfect' characters you get in some books. Those smooth, cultured, well dressed, successful heroes and the tall, beautiful, sexy and clever heroines. Jarrett and Selena couldn't really be any further from perfect. Jarrett spends a lot of his life in a drunken haze, looking for trouble as a way to ease the pain. Selena is a single mother with a less than sparkling past and a self-centred streak a mile wide. Somehow, despite having some unpleasant traits, I found the pair immensely likeable and most definitely believable.

We do get a brief chapter covering Jarrett and Selena's initial meeting, but most of their history is recounted as stories or trips down memory lane. I quite liked this method of filling in the backstory. Probably more so than had it been done by jumping backwards and forwards in time. We know that Selena is hiding things from Jarrett, so another positive was the way this information was slowly revealed throughout the book. It kept the tension without it becoming irritating or the only focus of the plot. 

The pace of this book easily held my attention and there are some unexpected plot twists that also kept me engaged. I really couldn't guess what direction the story would take and readily devoured every word.

Whilst there are a couple of sex scenes, these aren't particularly graphic. However the MC aspect of the book does contain some quite violent scenes, as well as illegal activities, so please bear this in mind when purchasing this book. If you like a good MC romance then this fits the bill really well.



I find my peace at the bottom of a bottle. The sound of gunfire is music to my ears.
Years in the Army Rangers made me into a lethal weapon. My club, the Kings, keep their fingers firmly on the trigger.
Just the way I like it.

There’s only one time in my life where I thought different.
It was with her. Selena. And her kid.
Her jagged edges fit my broken life like a perfect match in a jigsaw puzzle.
Soul-shaking sex, dangerous curves, and a wicked smile -- no one else has ever measured up.
With her, having a family didn't sound like such a stupid idea.
Then she left me face-down with a bullet-wound.

Now she's back and says she needs my help.
I know she’s in danger, but something's got her too scared to say it.
Half of me wants to kill her for leaving me. 
The other half’s ready to rip the head off whatever bastard’s threatening my woman.
And when I catch wind of what they’re threatening to do to her kid, I’m ready to go on a f*cking rampage.

Taking her in is like mixing fire and gasoline. 
My club’s under serious heat from a bigger gang and I'm on a mission that could make or break us.
One mistake and we'll all be dead.
But nothing makes sex hotter than the cold threat of a gun barrel.

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