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RELEASE BLITZ AND REVIEW ------- PREY by Cari Silverwood

Title: Prey
A Dark Monster Fantasy Novel
Author: Cari Silverwood
Genre: Sci-Fi Romance
Release Date: May 31, 2018


When Mila discovers her sister will be the next victim on Sacrifice Day, her normal reply would be, sorry, I'm busy.

After viewing ancient data and seeing the massive size of stoneshifters, Mila decides to rescue Tiana. Her sister is blood and she'd rather not see her tied to the sacrifice table and turned into jam.

Everything goes wrong, of course.

Lord Zarblu, stoneshifter and owner of the enormous black fortress looming over the city, turns his gaze upon Mila.

Like a giant cat with a teensy mouse, Zarblu plays with Mila. Catch...release...catch. Gentle and caring are words that no stone-beast monster should claim, surely?

Desiring something that might kill you is insane yet the sacrifice table begins to look attractive. Zarblu is a big, strong, determined male who's had a thousand, thousand years to contemplate life.

What if he isn't quite the monster she thought he was...
What if he wants her to be his sacrifice?

Warning: This is a very graphic and carnal story for those who love the fantasy of being caught by a monster.

This is not the normal level of dark that Cari Silverwood writes. This is the dark you reach for when you're all darked out and one step from seeing your therapist. Some of this story is FUN. Dark dubcon fun, but fun nevertheless.

My Review

First a picture, then a scene and after much begging emerges the story....

They say a picture paints a thousand words, well one picture inspired a whole book. What started as a fun and very steamy scene written for her reader group had become one kinkily dark and ensnaringly strange story. If it has Cari's name on then I'm going to read it, because her name is synonymous with strong heroines, witty comebacks, darkly dominating heroes and fantastical world building.

Mila is out to rescue her sister before the stone-shifter who holds her captive, Lord Zarblu, can sacrifice her. Only this isn't a stab 'em in the heart sacrifice but a sexual orgy one, death isn't guaranteed it's more of a risky side effect of being impaled on an enormous stone-shifter phallus. Mila is nothing if not determined, and sneaky to boot. She never lets life, an ancient parasitic infection or the Andurian's get her down. And the fact that she falls madly in lust with an ancient and almost immortal being, one made of stone and twice her size, just adds to the fun.

The size of the shifter's male appendage was a problem. Dick was too insignificant a word. She needed a new one like lollapoloozaram-a-dam-a-dingdong

This is a steamy and down right naughty read that dabbles on the edge of consent, with it's lust inducing basht and manipulation of Mila. The sister, Tiana, turns out to be a real piece of work. If Zarblu carries through on his promise of gifting his sneaky and slightly untrustworthy cyborg assassin, Ledderik, with both genetalia AND Tiana, then she will definitely get her just desserts (and a lot more to boot). I'm hoping that we may get to read of this sometime in the future.

The world building allows you to travel to Dispora, walk it's dust covered streets, rub shoulders with the characters, whose depth makes them almost seem real, and smell the fetid air. Whilst it's plot bears absolutely no resemblance to Alice in Wonderland, reading this did feel somewhat like falling down that strange rabbit hole, then eating and drinking some dubious substances. The whole plot is mad-cap crazy yet somehow it works. Even the multi-purpose dildo with special adaptations.

It's not a book to recommend to your nana (unless your nana is one sex-crazed nympho with a fetish for huge male members). It's one that would shock the living daylights out of people who iron their underwear. But if your mind spends a good portion of it's time scouring the gutters for the worst it can find then you'll love this one.

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Author Bio

Cari Silverwood is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling writer of kinky darkness or sometimes of dark kinkiness. When others are writing bad men doing bad things, you may find her writing good men who accidentally on purpose fall into the abyss and come out with their morals twisted in knots.

Lately some bad men with excellent persuasion skills have taken over her books. She may need an intervention.

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