Friday, 21 August 2015

The story behind the photo

I did this layout for a challenge on Stick it down!  I realised that I didn't really explain what the LO was about and I haven't done any journaling on the page.

From year 4 onwards my children could audition for the end of school production.  My sons always took part.  We thought they were keen actors (one has indeed gone on to do GCSE Drama) and we were very confused when they no longer showed any interest in school plays when they moved up to secondary school.


Turns out that those students who didn't take part in the summer production did extra PE.  Now the boys have always loved sport but they didn't love - or even like - the teacher that did PE with them.  So it wasn't a love of amateur dramatics but an active dislike of a teacher that attracted them to the stage.

For the first two years (Y4 and Y5) they had been lead singers in the 'choir'.  This meant that they provided backing singing, sang during action scenes and did some solo singing.

The photo from the LO is from their final show - School of Rock.  At the time 'Jedward' were still around and as identical twins the music teacher producing the play brought into existence 'Aliory' as a tribute act. 

The hairstyles were to mimic the tall quiffs sported by Jedward and involved masses of hair wax. 

Only trouble was that it left their hair looking greasy and required about 8 shampoo's to remove.  After the first performance we discovered that copious amounts of dry shampoo cut the number of lathers needed to about 3.

The photo was taken after the final performance.  The boy in the middle was their best friend.  For a little while he drifted away but is back in their 'inner circle' again, which is good because he is both a lovely and extremely funny young man.

We still have the suits they wore (we paid a small donation to the school for them).  I think wanting to hold onto physical items that represent important memories is part of what makes me a scrapbooker!

Thanks for joining me

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