Saturday, 8 August 2015

Scavenger Hunt 2

My OH is part of a musical ensemble.  He mainly sings in the choir, although does play piano too.  They had a 5th birthday party back at the end of June, where I managed to snag a few more photos from the scavenger hunt.

So today may I present

#1. A bouquet of flowers

A very small bouquet (and possibly more of a posy) but these were very elegant and stylish.

#5. Architectural Columns

Beautifully lit too - the colours gradually changed to yellows, greens and blues too.

And a slightly dodgy #15. A flag pole with at least 3 flags on it.

Well it is of 3 flags and technically they are all attached to the same supporting structure (even if it is more of an arch and less of a pole!).

I also have a photo of said OH and a few other members of the choir in their matching outfits but the quality is poor and I am planning on using the 'First Day' school pics of my delightful 3 in their uniforms.

Now if only one of the 'targets' had been a silver helium filled balloon in the shape of a number 5 I would have been sorted!

Louise x

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