Thursday, 6 August 2015

Photo Scavenger Hunt 2015 part 1

For some reason (and despite resetting all widgets) blogger won't allow me to reply to your comments - so I will just say a quick thank you now.

I keep forgetting to take the scavenger hunt list with me, so can be found muttering strange things such as 'need a turtle'.  And occasionally shouting out something along the lines of 'a ticket booth!' as I see one of the items on the list.

I didn't expect to find many on our walk in the peak district, so was pleased to cross 4 items of the list.  The first one was...

#2. An ornate door knocker.


.. and just like buses along came two at the same time.

#9. A tent

Spotting this had me doing the afore mentioned shouting out of a strange comment.

I was wondering if this would also count for the flag pole and flags of #15 - but I shall hold back on that for the moment.
20. A natural body of water

The beautiful River Lathkil - which actually did appear to be that unusual aqua blue colour.
#12. A public restroom, bathroom, or toilet
I struggled with taking the actual photo - the cubicle was so small you needed to sit on (or straddle) the toilet to be able to close and open the door.  Oh did it provide amusement and jokes!


I did get the photo of someone walking a dog but it was so out of focus (they were disappearing around a corner) that I will try to get a better one.
Louise x

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