Monday, 24 August 2015

Me on Monday

I am trying to find a few blogging meme's to join in with in the aim to maintain my blogging once back at work.  One I read regularly on several blogs is 'Me on Monday' hosted by the lovely Sian.

I know but I haven't done my hair yet!

So Saturday found me helping pack a car in the welsh rain, driving 220 miles from a rainy but beautiful Overton (on the Gower)...

... to a humid and thundery Hucknall (Notts), listening to the great Mo Farah win the 10,000m race during said journey, 

washing laundry from said holiday on the Gower ... 

There is more than this (and I had already done 3 loads!)

... and a duvet cover from where a naughty cat had slept on it whilst we were away (note to self - remind neighbour to close downstairs doors so cat can't sneak upstairs)...

... then beginning the task of watering and dead heading plants in the garden - which stopped when the heavens opened and I had to scuttle inside with the clean laundry! 

The day was completed with a gorgeous if unhealthy  takeaway from the very excellent New Hong Kong  Chinese.  (We aren't on the tourist map - unless you are a Byron acolyte or madly into stained glass church windows - but if you ever do visit 'mucky 'uckers' then the New H.K. is well worth a visit.)

Sunday involved a huge food shop as we always 'run down' food supplies before going away and so had very little in the fridge or cupboards. 
Yes  my children require a wide choice of cereals - the variety pack ones are holiday remnants (one box is definitely not plenty)

This was followed by more watering of the garden (boy was it hot and humid again), more and more washing and pegging out of laundry (and more fetching it in when the inevitable rain began) and BEST OF ALL making a layout. 


There was also watching of the World Athletics, accompanied by great cheering as Usain Bolt retained the 100m title...

... and cheering on Lewis Hamilton in the Belgian Grand Prix. 

Today will see me fetching uniform from M&S and trying to reintroduce the idea of MORNING to my teenage sons :)  I also need to paint the shower room ceiling with the bathroom paint I bought LAST summer in an attempt to reduce the black mildew that forms because said sons can not open the window to LET THE STEAM OUT!!!!!
(It is far too disgusting to show you a photo of it now - perhaps when I have painted it and it looks lovely I will do that.)

Louise x


  1. Hi Louise, thank you for stopping by and leaving me lovely comments.
    I had to smile at your first photo and i'm so glad to find someone else who has a cereal cupboard like mine!!

    1. I think it is a boy thing - my sons get 'bored' of the same cereal :)


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