Wednesday, 12 August 2015

First Scrapbook Page

I came across this fab blog piece by Julia.  It inspired me to share my story with you. 

I found scrapbooking via card making (which I was, and still am, very bad at).  I bought some items from Lakeland (or Lakeland Plastics as it was then) on mail order and qualified for a free gift. I chose the card making pack - how difficult could card making be? The answer, in my case, is very!

This does have to be one of the worst cards I made!

From this I began to watch craft on the TV.  We had a digibox so I could watch Dawn Bibby each Tuesday on QVC

 and Alan and Barry's create and craft show on Ideal World. 

I am fairly certain I first saw a scrapbook page on TV - although possibly it may have been in a magazine. 

I actually made a dozen pages using coloured A4 paper (all I could afford/find), a few stickers and poly pockets to store them in.  These no longer exist but I do have some of my very early 12 x 12 pages in existence - using that must have Papermania pack of lilac, green, yellow, pink and blue papers (I threw away more than I used!)

Most of these I have 'edited' over the years, trying to improve their look.  And yes there are quite a few where I have ripped the photos from the paper and re-scrapped them. 

It is the cut-out photo's that pain me most because they weren't digital images, and finding the correct negative to get more is a two week job. 
Why did I do it?????

So I couldn't say for certain which was my very first lay out but they are all very similar so here as a selection of the finest! (Not)

Yep that Christmas tree was a present tag, and all the red 'bits' were added later to try and improve the page - quite an epic fail there then.  Note the outline stickers - those Anita's peel-offs were such a must have.

The title was added later - this is a DLO with the one below which has the original hand written title on.  Loving those fabby outline stickers too.


The flowers and tag are a slightly more successful attempt to improve this LO - gotta love those corner stickers!

Complete with shaped photo and rub ons (that definitely didn't do what it said on the packet)

I found some scrapbook kits in poundland for these lovelies.
Well I hope if nothing else you have had a good laugh!  And thank you Julia for the idea.
See you soon
Louise x


  1. I have very similar pages in my first few books. Not scrapbooked for ages though ( i make about 10-12 pages a year now) . I started just like you - watching Alan and Barry :D Lovely post.

  2. Isn't it fun to look back at our very first pages but we all had to start somewhere didn't we? Your blog has a great title but now I have the Eagles song "Life in The Fast Lane" going round and round in my head! Thanks for that, LOL.


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