Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Continuing the Photo Scavenger Hunt

I have added to my haul of photos for the scavenger hunt hosted by Rhinda.  I still have some to find but the summer isn't over yet. :)

#4 People playing a board game or card game

My DD and OH playing pontoon. 

#7 A turtle


I thought this would require a substitute item until I helped my daughter pack for our week away.

#8 Someone plugged into social media

My DD snapchatting and listening to music.

#11 A cellular tower or television satellite dish

Not the best of photos, I grabbed this whilst driving through Nottingham (my Husband was the one at the wheel - I was just a passenger)

13 A merry-go-round or carousel

Snapped on my phone whilst out shopping.

and last (for the moment) but not least

#14 A traffic signal

Grabbed on the same journey through Nottingham to visit my DH's 102 year old Nana

I only have a few left to get (some I already have photos of but they are so bad I would like to get a better shot)

thanks as always for joining me

Louise x

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