Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Box set wonders

I hadn't really got into the 'watching a whole series or two' on demand.  That changed when my dear OH found that 'Life on Mars' was on Netflix. 

 We watched all 16 episodes over 3 (maybe 4) days.  We were disappointed that the follow up 'Ashes to Ashes' wasn't on there - particularly my OH, he has a thing for Keely Hawes.

A few days later we discovered it was on Amazon Prime.  We watched all 24 episodes in 4 days! I'd forgotten how much I had enjoyed these first time around.  They have never been repeated so we really enjoyed watching them.  Only trouble is now that we have re-watched them all I am missing my daily input of Gene Hunt! 

I shall have to find a different series to watch - I might investigate for old episodes of Ripper Street, although this is a little darker than LOM/ATA. 

On a high, Bake of is back on - how much searching did it take to find a 'Paul Hollywood nearly double' also called Paul and who wanted to be on bake off?

What are your favourite programmes right now?
Louise x

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