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Title: Home Run King
Author: Stella

Genre: Rom-Com Standalone

Release Date: February 23, 2018

My life was what country songs are made of: my Granny died, my girlfriend broke up with me, I knocked up her cousin, and I was inducted into the Major League Hall of Fame. Yup…just like every country song I’ve ever heard.
But let me start over…

My name is Gage Nix. That’s all you need to know.
Actually, there’s a lot more to Gage than meets the eye. 

My name’s Katie Crisp, and I had a front row seat and the inside scoop.
In a moment of grief and desperation, I allowed the Home Run King to…well, hit a home run on my diamond. He not only knocked it out of the park, but he also knocked me up. 

Raising two babies—the one I was carrying, and Gage—wasn’t what I signed up for. But he gave me no choice. I only wish I hadn’t waited until the end of the season to see that he was my MVP.

Oh, and the only hall of fame he’s ever been inducted into is his own.

Stella certainly score a Home Run with this book. Following Third Base, I almost didn't take a chance on it, however I really wanted to read Gage's story. I'm glad I decided to give this book a chance, because I would have missed one amazing read if I hadn't. It made me snort, giggle and downright laugh out loud with it's witty banter, which always had Gage at the centre. Whilst his relationship with Katie is the love and romance part of this, his relationship with Corinne will also capture your heart. I just loved that little girl and her sage advice.

This is quite a long book, a good five to six hour read and it was one that I didn't really want to put down. I had to when sleep and work got in the way, otherwise I would have read this in one sitting. I really liked Gage from seeing him in Third Base, you just knew he was something special. The more time I spent with him, just like Katie, the more I fell in love with Gage. He is the sweetest, kindest most caring man who hides that soft centre under a crispy shell because he is scared of being left behind. Katie had just as many issues and insecurities but somehow she and Gage blended together to make a perfect whole. They are both very likeable and finely crafted characters, and I felt connected to them and invested in them, their story and their HEA.

In some ways there isn't a massive amount of plot, but the book held my attention throughout. It is a truly wondrous love story of two people finding their happily ever after against the odds. Katie and Gage face an awful lot of ups and downs both together and apart and I felt their emotion, their pain and their joy. The writing is excellent with just enough angst, turmoil and hurt to balance the comedy elements. 

This is a book I am more than happy to recommend.

Best Selling Authors Leddy Harper and Stephie Walls met on a street corner in Savannah, Georgia in 2015, where they quickly formed a bond over book boyfriends and cheap wine. 

After discovering the two best friends shared a brain, their alter ego, Stella was born. After all, when you put two romance authors together…you’re gonna get something Stella!


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