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BLITZ Perfect Imperfections by Name: J & L Wells

Book Title: Perfect Imperfections 

Author Name: J & L Wells 

Genre: Romance, Contemporary Fiction, Women's Fiction 

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 At the age of 27, Natasha is just a few months away from marrying Josh, her long-term boyfriend. He’s been her best friend since they were little and she can’t imagine being with anyone else. Suddenly, he is called out of the country to take over his father’s business. While he’s away, Natasha arranges a surprise wedding present for him – a portrait of herself. 

 The handsome artist who agrees to paint the portrait is Gabriel Owens, a gifted painter who is partially sighted. Not only is he incredibly sexy, he’s also sarcastic and brash. 

 With a sudden twist of events, Natasha’s life is left in free fall. She turns to Gabriel, but does he have the tenacity and inner strength to pick up the pieces when he himself has so many insecurities and his own life is far from perfect? 

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I rate this almost the full 5 stars.

This is so much more than a contemporary romance and it is a one heck of a story. It was so nice to read a British novel too (particularly as I'm a Nottingham girl and work in Derbyshire!). I started reading this book when I went to bed - at 2am, and with a good hour and a half left to read, I reluctantly had to put it down. As soon as I woke up I continued reading until I had finished it.

The book is written first person POV (which I like) but only from Tash's viewpoint, and this is why it lost just a sliver of a star. I really liked all the characters in this book, but since we don't 'hear' (read) Gabriel's voice I didn't fully engage with him as the hero. He didn't dominate Tash's thoughts quite enough for me. I found both Gabriel and Tash to be likeable and 'real' characters, the chemistry between them was believable and I found it refreshing that it wasn't all roses and sunshine, but that they irritated or upset each other and were sometimes a little awkward in what to say or do.

We get to know Natasha's family quite intimately as they all feature heavily in the book, for me this was a definite positive and what lifted it above other romances where support characters are quite flat or limited. The scenes and images evoked are amazing. I loved Tash's description of being in Monet's Poppy painting, the scene towards the end of the book where Josh and she watch Peter Pan, another one with Adrianna (this involves blankets and pegs and you'll know when you've read it because you will probably need a few tissues to get through it) and the one with Gabriel sharing the first winter snowfall with her.

There is so much story in this book that ISN'T romance based and I really enjoyed that about the story. I loved how much of Tash's life we get to experience, and boy there are some real ups and downs along the way and a couple of real unexpected twists before the end of the book. The ending was some of what I hoped for but given the circumstances (and you really need to read this book and find out what they are) there are still questions waiting to be answered.

There is a follow up book coming out later in the year and I will definitely be reading this to find out what happens next.
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Author Bio: USA Today Best Selling Authors, Judy and Laura Wells are a mother and daughter writing duo from the heart of England. Between the two of them they own three beautiful but mad Japanese Shiba Inus and two not so active tortoises. They’ve dabbled with a few different genres in the past, but contemporary romance has been their first love since they began writing. Perfect Imperfections is Book One in their Moments series.  

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