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***********BOOK REVIEW************ FIDELITY WORLD: INVICTUS by Kylie Hillman

The Fidelity World: Invictus (Kindle Worlds Novella)

by Kylie Hillman

My Review - 5 stars

A captivating teaser prequel that left me begging for more

This is something a little different from Kylie Hillman, though it will be linking to the Centrifuge Duet, so it automatically became a 'must read' for me. I wasn't sure what to expect, normally the author writes books with quite a psychological element but I knew this book wasn't typical for her. What I found was that this had much more of a traditional contemporary feel, with finely crafted characters and the basis of one amazing plot.

Felix is a very reluctant king-in-waiting who jumps at the chance for a year off to discover himself. Once on the other side of the world he meets Ida, a girl with her own issues and secrets. Their connection is instantaneous but will it survive the truth?

Normally I'm not the biggest fan of novella's, but because this is a 'prequel' it worked. It allowed time for both world building and great character development. Whilst the ending isn't a dramatic cliffhanger, it does leave the story 'hanging'. I really liked Felix, he was both entitled and arrogant at times but then, as a crown prince, he would and should be both these things. His interactions with both Marco and Serge showed the man inside he could be and I'm looking forward to seeing him emerge.

Ida was fabulous, her decision to join Infidelity felt a little off, but given the circumstances I could understand her having been swept along with it all. Even in what was a fairly short read I was really drawn in by both characters and felt their emotion. My only complaint is that I will have to wait a short while to read the rest of their story.

Ida and Felix share an insane chemistry and we do get one steamy scene, it felt a little brief but I felt that was due to word count constraints rather than poor writing. In fact the writing is anything but poor, I flew through this book and wasn't distracted once. (Well apart from my kids having an argument but I left the room so I could focus on this book. Don't worry my hubs was there too!)

I would recommend this book to fans of Kylie, as well as those who are new to her work. I haven't read any other books from the Fidelity World but I can tell you that this one is excellent, although it will leave you begging for more.


Heavy is the head that wears the crown.

Having your entire life mapped out for you from birth has its perks, but it also comes with serious drawbacks.
For Ida Montoya, escaping her predetermined destiny means leaving behind everything she’s ever known and making her own way in the world. No more easy money. No motherly hugs to soothe her hurt. No soft place to fall when she messes it all up.
Felix Von Sonderberg—Crown Prince of a country he wishes he could change, son to a father he despises, future husband to a woman he’s never met—yearns to experience life out from under the shadow of his family name. For him, the offer of one year to do as he pleases, in a country where nobody knows him, seems like the perfect salve to his scarred soul.
Employing the services of a beautiful young woman to pander to his every whim during his year of freedom should be the perfect plan. All the fun with no strings to cut when the time comes to leave.
What could possibly go wrong?
Only everything. Ida might become the one thing he’s not willing to give up in order to have the heavy crown that has belonged to him since birth finally placed upon his head.

Note from the Author:
Felix Von Sonderberg will also appear in the brand-new spin-off series to the bestselling Centrifuge Duet, Full Circle Security Incorporated. Be the first to meet Felix and taste the sinfully seductive world of the FCS Inc. alphas before the series launches at the end of 2018.

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