Tuesday, 9 January 2018

FREE BOOK ----- LOVER BOY by Cassie-Ann L. Miller


Go grab your copy now.

And surprise, surprise...PLAY BOY and BAD BOY are available for purchase on Amazon as well. Grab them for 99c before the price goes up.

(Available in KindleUnlimited). 

Offer good until January 12, 2018.

Book 1 - Lover Boy

Book 2 - Play Boy

Book 3 - Bad Boy


Lover Boy - Free until Jan. 12

Play Boy - 99c

Bad Boy (Preorder) - 99c

Lover Boy blurb

He's the hot single dad next door. My brother's best friend...And I want him to be my lover.

From the first time I meet Leo Montgomery, I know that I'm in trouble. His dark, heated gaze skittering down my body sets my skin on fire. A rare sighting of his elusive, heart-stopping smile and—dear lord—I think I just ovulated. But then, he hires me to babysit his adorable little troublemaker after school and now my maternal instincts are working overtime.

It was never supposed to be more than a harmless crush on my older brother's best friend. 

But (accidentally) showing him my enormous, red granny panties was probably my first mistake. (Apparently, he's into that sort of thing.) 

That slow, sensual kiss on the back porch didn't help matters, either.

We need an outlet for the combustible sexual tension between us. There's no denying it. But he says he can't be my boyfriend. He won't let me into his closely guarded heart.

I tell him that's okay. After all, we don't need a title. We don't need to be together. We can just be lovers. Can't we?

Well, as it turns out, the road to hell is paved with good intentions...and enormous, red granny panties.

Lover Boy is a steamy, laugh-out-loud, single-dad-next-door romance set in small town Illinois. It is book 1 in the Blue Collar Bachelors series.

Lover Boy Excerpt

His hand falls to my thigh and trails up higher and higher, closer and closer. “I want you so much,” he groans. “I can’t stop thinking about you.”

“I want you, too,” I sigh against his mouth.

He touches his fingers to the hot and needy space between my thighs, over the thin lycra of my leggings. He cradles my pussy through my clothes and pulls his face back just enough to look at me. "I can give you what you need here," he whispers, stroking my core. And then his fingers flit up my chest over my heart. "But here?" He closes his eyes for a brief moment. "I can't..."

I’m not listening. I don’t care about his excuses. I just want him inside of me. My every thought, my every breath revolves around that need.

His voice strains in the darkness. “I don’t want to hurt you, Reese. I can’t be your boyfriend.”

Boyfriend. He says the word with such raw contempt. Like he disdains everything it represents.

“We don’t need a title. We don’t need to be together. We can just be…lovers.”

He shifts back and lifts a brow. “Lovers?”

I speak more confidently now, channeling my inner small town Carrie Bradshaw. “Yes…Lovers.”

“Have you ever had a lover before?” He’s not taking me seriously. The sudden amusement in his voice makes me feel like a little girl playing dress-up in her mommy’s heels and pearls. I’m not a little girl. I want him to see me as a woman. A grown woman. An adventurous woman.

“I have a long list of ex-lovers,” I say assuredly with a rather aggressive nod.



His eyes canvass my face for an instant. He squints, hinting at the possibility that he may be convinced.

I smirk. Good—he doesn’t seem to realize that I’m just pulling Taylor Swift lyrics out of my ass.

Oh, the lengths a girl goes to when she's horny for the angsty, off-limits single dad next-door.


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