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(`*•.¸IN THE END by Ariadne Wayne¸.•*´)

My Review

I gave this 4.5 Goodread Stars/ 5 Amazon Stars

I hated Sam by the end of In a Lifetime, he redeemed himself a little in In an Instant and I fell in love with him reading In the End. I think some of his transformation happened during In a Heartbeat (which I haven't read yet). Warning this book contains spoilers for In a Heartbeat, though when I do get around to reading it I know I'm going to love it.

Sam was back to the loving, kind and sexy guy we met at the start of In a Lifetime. In this book he meets Natasha and her daughter Paige. Natasha has had an awful 5 or 6 years and unsurprisingly has trust issues. I can't blame Sam for keeping his secret because I don't think Natasha would have stuck around if he'd said anything sooner. I like that Ariadne Wayne wrote some chapters from Matt's POV - it really lends another aspect to the book and deepens the story. 

Some of the couples in Ms Wayne's books can appear a little too loved up and free of any conflict, but this is always balanced with plenty of angst, heartache and misery too. I always know that my emotions will be put through the wringer when I read one of her books. There are always so many strands to these books, all of which are woven together into a rich tapestry of a good book.

I like the style of writing, it flows smoothly, is easy to read, has good pace and natural dialogue. The editing is always good too. I read this book through in one sitting, and I know these characters will be ones I remember long after the book has been closed.

Title: In the End
Series: Lifetime #3
Author: Ariadne Wayne
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: April 20, 2017


The time has come for Finn to find out the truth about his father. When he seems to take it in his stride, Matt, Ella, and Sam are relieved. But nothing’s that simple when you’re seven years old.

Sam’s love life has been on hold while he gets to know his son. Meeting single mother, Natasha, rocks his world. She’s not had an easy life and he has to navigate through her past to make her see a future. The one thing that scares her, Sam’s guilty of. Love’s never easy, especially when there are secrets involved.

The last book in the Lifetime series features a boy finding out about his father, a father falling in love, and the last wedding you’d ever expect on the farm.

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Author Bio

Ariadne Wayne is the alter ego of Wendy Smith. She loves books and lives in Auckland, New Zealand with her husband and two children. Having always had a prolific imagination she now writes the words down instead of storing them in her head where she can't share them. When she's not writing she works in Telecommunications, frequently banging her head on the desk with the random things that can happen to the ordinary phone line.

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