Saturday, 11 February 2017

My Romance Curse

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My Romance Curse by Wren Tirrell
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

At heart this is a very gentle, humorous and sexy romance. It has suggestions of paranormal elements in it (the 'curse' and a few other occurrences) that are dealt with by the end of the book.

Lukas is not your usual muscled, bad boy, alpha hero (thank goodness) but is a quirky and warm-hearted gentleman, with amazing fingers! Amy is very much the girl next door and a little mixed up to boot. Both main characters (and the supporting characters) were really well written and could be your neighbour or work colleague. That said ordinary did not make them boring, this book is very enjoyable, with quite a lot of quirky humour and an interesting plot.

Overall the plot had good pace and the story was easy to read, although it did jump forward by a few weeks at some points and this interrupted the flow of the story for me. There were interesting 'sub-plots' and the usual spanner in the works that throws off the course of true love, but when I reached the end of the book I was (a) really happy with the outcome and (b) had thoroughly enjoyed the entire book.

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