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Chaos Unleashed by Pippa DaCosta

One of my favourite paranormal/sci-fi writers is the amazingly talented Pippa DaCosta.  If you haven't read them yet I highly recommend that you check out the Veil Series of books. Chaos Unleashed is the second book in a spin off series.  These are paranormal books where demon's exist across 'the veil' and the more powerful ones can travel across into our dimension.  The first book in the Veil Series is free - find it here.

Here's the blurb for Chaos Unleashed

From the ashes of the fallen demon court, a new threat rises… 

Raised in a lab and trained to kill, I might not know much about being human, but I do know demons, and they don’t come more dangerous than the Prince of Pride—the devil. 

My brother is trapped at the heart of Fairhaven—a demon stronghold. To get him back, I need Pride’s help. Trained to kill princes, I know I can’t trust this one. He’ll lie, cheat, and manipulate to get what he wants: a new Dark Court so that he can rise again as its leader. His pretty words and burned wings don’t fool me. I’ll use him and any means necessary to save my brother. I don’t have a choice. If I fail, if I can’t control the elemental forces gathering inside Fairhaven, chaos will be unleashed, creating a new Hell on Earth. 

My makers tell me I’m too demon to love, too demon to care. But they made me this way. Now it’s time to show them all how demon I can be.

Chaos Unleashed by Pippa DaCosta

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I don't want to give out any spoilers so some of this won't make sense until you read the book. I felt that there were loose ends in this book, even though Pippa has stated it is just a two book series. However she might have been referring to Gem and Del's story (ok I cried at some of this book- I love a story that makes me FEEL). The ending was very unexpected and a small part of me was sad with how things worked out (or didn't) for some characters. However it was a positive ending and nice to see Muse, if only briefly.

The characters, as usual, are well written and interesting. The plot is fast paced, exciting and has lots of twists and turns to it. The book is written to a very high standard and had me gripped from start to finish. I have never been disappointed or bored by a single word this author has written and this book was no different. If you like a well written book, with wonderfully complex characters and an action packed story line then this book is for you.

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Pippa has also penned an amazing Sci-Fi series called Girl From Above.  Again I don't have words to say just how fantastic, captivating and amazing these books are.  All I can suggest is you try them for yourself.

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