Thursday, 17 December 2015

The Ghost of Hamlets Father

The oldest by one minute son loves acting.  He chose drama as a GCSE and is going to continue with the subject into A-Level.

*My mum worries it isn't academic enough and won't 'get him a good job' but then she isn't happy if she isn't worrying.*

He loved being in the school Christmas plays, and was most disappointed in those years when he didn't get a 'role'.  For the last 3 years of primary school (you had to be Y4 or above) he took part in the summer productions.

He was a 'lead singer' in the first two he took part in (comes from their very musical father ... I can't hold a tune in a bucket) and had an acting role in the last one.

So I was surprised when he didn't get more involved in the various productions his secondary school put on. 

Turns out doing the play got you out of PE with a teacher he really disliked, and that was why he did the primary school productions.

However, after his passion for drama re-emerged, he has wanted to be involved, but has been on trips or ill when the auditions were on .... and a chorus part was not 'good enough'.

So in what was possibly his final year *until he decided to stay on the 6th form* he was determined to be in the Christmas play.

So on Thursday night (there were 2 other performances) we went to watch 'The Spirits and Scrooge'.

The tale was based on A Christmas Carol, but was from the viewpoint of the ghosts.  Jacob Marley was the main character, along with the other 3 ghosts.  But there were also some other famous ghosts from famous literature.


He played the ghost of Hamlet's father.  He did it brilliantly - the show producer described it as a 'master class of comic timing'.  And he did it all in full Shakespearean voice, complete with accompanying mannerisms and expressions.

I know I'm biased but he was brilliant.  I'm doing (or trying to do) a Christmas Journal this year.  I'm hoping this may be the start of a new family tradition of appearing in a Christmas play/pantomime.

Merry Christmas,

Louise x


  1. I bet he was indeed brilliant! It's such a pleasure to watch them do something they enjoy

  2. Well done to your son. It sounds like he was brilliant. I wouldn't be worried about A Level Drama. He can balance it with his other subjects and he will more likely excel at something he loves. Tell your mum not to worry!

  3. If his costume is anything to go by, he was brilliant. Comic timing is a natural ability - well done older by 1 minute son! I like the idea of the play based from the ghosts perspective, cool idea.

  4. Glad to hear it all went well :) Good luck with your journal!


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