Monday, 14 December 2015

Me on Monday ....the very rainy weekend

Waving to Sian and all the 'Me on Monday' bloggers.

It was a weekend of braving the elements to do some shopping and put up the outside lights.  It was a weekend of trying to get the house straight before the Christmas rush.  It was a weekend of a sneaky Chinese takeaway, just because.  It was a weekend of having a proper roast dinner (lamb) and of finally getting all the decorations up (well almost all of them).  It was a weekend where I discovered I had forgotten to order some Christmas presents.  It was a weekend where I seemed to be busy-on-the-go but get very little done, other than more online shopping.  It was a weekend of the youngest child being excited about her upcoming birthday - a teenager at last!  And a weekend where it rained......again!

Hope you had a lovely weekend be it busy, relaxed, or somewhere in between.  Wishing you all the best for the week ahead

Louise x


  1. Pretty tree & ah the lure of being a teenager, such a time. We had a rainy weekend also & the talk of the clinic with the patients is the forecast of rain on Christmas Day - oh the horror! I only do lamb (chops)for Mr Man in the summer when I can barbeque it. I hope your week is a good one & that all the promised delivery dates are met.

  2. Birthday to your teenager to be. Well done with the decorations. Still got ours to do. Oh dear about the forgotten presents.

  3. That should read Happy Birthday. A few issues with getting it to accept my comment!

  4. Happy Birthday to her!

    I do love a roast lamb dinner. Sadly, I'm the only one who does here, so I don't get to eat it very often. I'm worrying about forgotten presents here..going to go back over my list again today.

    Have a good week!

  5. Lamb is my most favourite roast dinner!
    What did we do before internet shopping I wonder? I do like to browse round the shops, but when you know exactly what you're looking for its so much easier to just shop from the comfort of your armchairs!


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