Monday, 21 December 2015

Me on Monday .... the thank goodness weekend.

A very merry and Christmassy Monday to you all, courtesy of the very lovely Sian.

It was a weekend of as little as possible, topped with a lot of telly watching.
As a teacher I very often put life on hold for a week or two prior to breaking up.  Christmas is no exception and is even more stress filled since I also have to plan/organise/sort out for my daughter's birthday.


In fact if I had realised how much more pressured it would make December I would have planned her arrival a lot more carefully!
Our weekend really started on Friday ... which saw the girl child become a teenager!  She was lucky enough to break up at lunchtime - some of us had to work until our normal finish time. 
On my journey home I remembered that I hadn't picked up a birthday cake that morning.  So I diverted to a Tesco express to buy some very gooey chocolate cake.

Following instructions from the new teenager, we had booked a meal at a local Italian restaurant.  She was joined there by my parents, her paternal grandmother and her partner, my sister and brother-in-law, and one big brother.
There is a whole post in why the oldest-by-one-minute son wasn't there - but it basically boils down to tiredness.. He was sound asleep when we got home from the restaurant at 9pm and stayed asleep until well gone 10 the next morning.
Saturday morning started by watching 2 naughty Shetland ponies (or a very similar breed) playing 'chase' with their owner.  They are kept on a local allotment but obviously had other ideas.

I had hoped to do some crafting, tidying and perhaps a little shopping.  Instead I spent the day mainly being a couch potato, whilst my OH and the newly teenage girl went visiting her paternal grandfather. 
Of course we had to watch the strictly final, which we thoroughly enjoyed ... although I wonder a little at the fairness of it when some of the contestants have attended drama/theatre schools.
Sunday saw my OH singing carols in the local town centre.  The teenage girl and I went along to offer our support.

There were many more singers than this - and a lady playing the keyboard to accompany them.

I'm not really sure what happened to the rest of the day - lots of doing bits of this and that.  And staying up late watching repeats of very old 'Open All Hours' whilst I sorted this post out!

I hope you have had a restful and productive weekend,

thanks for visiting

Louise x


  1. It sounds like quite the fun filled weekend - pony chase included.

    1. A very pleasant weekend was had by all - apart from the pony owners! Merry Christmas

  2. Happy Birthday to your daughter. The teenage years are such fun! I like the idea of the pony chase and I know how the girl feels. Could you hear the swear words? We watched strictly too. My opinion is that the man wins because it's mostly women voting.

    1. I also think the man has 'less to do' - it is the woman's job to make the dance look 'pretty'. I know the man has to lead and do the lifts but I always wonder if the professional women dancers do more of the work on these. I think my daughter has been practicing for the teenage years for a while now! Merry Christmas x

  3. Ponies! I always say it's too bad they are the right size for children, but ponies are SOOOOO naughty. I'll say no more for now. Another teenager in the house, what more can be said. And don't all the singers look festive. Happy Christmas - hoping that all the joys of your plans come into being.

    1. Thus far a teenage girl seems quite different to a teenage boy. She is still willing to share cuddles and talk to me. That said the younger of my boys will sometimes have a really good heart to heart with me.
      You could see the look of devilment on the faces of those ponies - gave me a laugh but I'm glad I wasn't trying to catch them!
      Merry Christmas to you too x

  4. Happy Birthday to her!

    One of the best things about Christmas I think is realising that you've put in a whole afternoon doing not very much, but having a really lovely time doing it. You have a lovely break!

  5. Chocolate cake and a meal out - sounds like the perfect birthday! My husband has a December birthday too and I never feel like I can get the house properly Christmasy until after that has passed.
    I'm a secretary in a school and I do tend to have a list of things that I'll do 'once we have broken up' and then find that the list is far too long to fit everything in!
    Have a lovely Christmas.


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