Sunday, 15 November 2015

Under construction ... oh and day #12 of the 30 days (lets ignore that I am almost a week behind)

I have decided to do an in depth 'about me' page - which you may have read about in my last post. 
It started out quite boringly - but as I have been writing it silly little memories have emerged from the hidden, dusty corners of my mind.

I am making brief mention of some of these, and have semi-decided (as in it seems a good idea now but I may change my mind) to take some of these memories from childhood and turn them into their own posts.
I discovered Sian and her Storytelling Sundays just as they came to an end.  I think this may be a similar type of post. 

I remember the dress (loved the smocked 'apron') which my Mum had made and the ride on caterpillar was one of my favourite toys ever.  You bounced up and down on it to make it 'go'.  There are other stories in this photo too that I hope to share at some point.

It won't be about an special object (although possibly it will start from a photo) and it won't be as regular as once a week ... I've already discovered I can't blog to schedule!

See you soon (I hope) with one of those stories

Louise x


  1. Sounds good. Can we all join in?

  2. I'd love to see others digging out old memories and photos - it was looking through old photos that triggered a memory (that trigged another and so on). I could tell 6 or 7 stories based on that one Christmas photo!

  3. It sounds interesting Louise. I remember the caterpillar!


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