Saturday, 21 November 2015

Recording December and day #16

I started to write this post this morning.  I knew clearly what I was going to write and the message I wanted to share.  This dissolved into mist as I actually committed thought to paper.  This is nothing like the post I was meaning to write.

I read a lovely post by Sian, where she shared with us her plans for recording a very special time for her family.

Well it made me wonder whether I should try to complete my own mini-book/album.

The two popular courses to follow seem to be December Daily and Journal Your Christmas.  To be honest I'm not keen on paying for a course because I
am not confident that I would 'use' it.

Although perhaps the fact that I had shelled out cold hard cash would make me more focused and determined to 'keep up'. 

But then this ties into the fact that I don't want to feel pressured into making, recording and completing a Christmas album/journal during such a busy time of year.

On the other hand I can feel time and precious memories slipping away from me. 

I don't want to regret not recording these in some way either! 

I've admired some stampin' up project life cards on Fiona's blog.  And this led to me seeing other goodies to hang my nose over. 

But I am on a stash diet.............and.............

......... I have a rather large American Crafts Christmas papers and feel that perhaps I ought to use these up first!

Somewhere I have an old mini-album from a QVC kit.  So I am going to challenge myself to make this into a Christmas album and use it to document December 2015.

I'll be back to let you know how it is going. 

And now I have written it here I am hopefully little more committed to getting it done!


  1. During December on Ali's blog page are all the links for everyone doing December Daily - it's all free & you can get lots & lots of ideas in case you get stuck. The neat thing is that there are so many varied ways of capturing December. I'm excited to see what you create with your American Crafts Stash. I am finding the pull towards all the scrapping December/Christmas supplies SO tempting - so far staying strong!

    1. I did start to look and had £40 worth of stuff without blinking .. thankfully I managed to control the impulse. I might treat myself to some simple stories stickers I've seen .. but I'm often disappointed with stickers so can't decide.

  2. You know what I think? Even if you just do a few pages, you can come back to it next year and do a few more. I'm a big fan of a sort of continuous Christmas album..because after all, we never celebrate Christmas in isolation: we bring to it each year our memories of the years before.

    Best of luck with whatever you decide!

    1. As ever Sian you seem to have such a good answer. And such a wonderful idea to have an ongoing ever growing album, thank you.

  3. Good luck Louise - it seems your stash spoke to you with what you needed to do! I've done JYC before but now I complete pocket pages instead for December and I've been known to scrap them in January and even June!!

  4. I start off doing Journal your Christmas every year Louise, and although you do pay out first time, thereafter it is free. I say start off because with all good intention, I often don't finish it on time or at all. I made the journal for 2013 and then lost the Echo Park sheet with the numbers of the day - recently I put a call out on FB and someone has the sheet to send me. It will be lovely to have it finished - the photos are printed and waiting to go in.
    I try to keep mine simple though as with most things I end up getting carried away, hence the time factor and the journal not getting completed fully. Making journals and books is my passion, and looking back on the ones that I have completed makes me start a new one each Christmas. I ran a workshop last week and we made Christmas journals, so mine is ready to go.

    Have fun making yours and I love the American Craft paper pad you have chosen. Shimelle suggested in one of her prompts that adding pages each year is a good thing to do, rather than be overwhelmed. Sometimes there is only so much you can say about tinsel or crackers after all! Do share your journal, I'd love to see it Louise!


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