Monday, 2 November 2015

Me on Monday - the weekend of washing and fog

Waving to Sian and all the other people either sharing their weekend or just catching up on what others did - hello to you all.

Mine was a weekend of unpacking suitcases, washing dirty clothes, finding more dirty socks mixed in with the 'that's all still clean' section, trying to dry lots of washing whilst it was damp and dreary outside, watching the gymnastics (but missing the rugby final - how did I manage that?), returning a broken camcorder (thank goodness it has a 2yr guarantee with John Lewis), thinking I'd found the perfect if expensive tie for head boy (who decided this morning it was too wide so the know was too big) and suffering from a bit of an icky tummy.

The thing with teaching is that you can't just pop to the loo when nature calls, so I am taking today off.  The other thing with teaching is how guilty you feel for taking a day off!  I'm marking work to assuage that guilt.

So a brief post for once (*sighs of relief all round*) and a genuine thank you for popping by to read this,

Louise x

ps I think that is Day #6 - I'm now wishing I'd started on the 1st November (my original intention) so that I could keep track easier.


  1. hoping that your upset tummy rights itself soon. I know what you mean about being sick & taking time off - I really think it's a woman thing. Cheers to a good week ahead.

  2. Sorry you've been a bit poorly. I know what you mean about trying to dry washing this weekend - we had it hanging everywhere! And the ironing too! Hope you feel beet and have a good week x

  3. Hope you are feeling better now x
    have a good week x

  4. I can see you are blessed with the same gloomy weather as U.S. Just great for drying washing. I seem to have it draped everywhere. Hope the tum is better soon. Curl up with a book and don't feel guilty or think about all that washing.....

  5. Sorry it's a late wave from me. Hoping you are feeling a lot better. You have my sympathy. Antibiotics: unsettling, shall we say? !


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