Monday, 16 November 2015

Me on Monday ... the unwinding weekend

A big cheery wave to Sian and all my fellow Monday friends!  And bowing my head in prayer and sorrow with France.  I hope none of you have been directly impacted by this horrible event (other than to be as outraged and upset as most of us are)

Friday night saw the arrival of an email calling an emergency union meeting on Monday after work...but no explanation why. 

Not the best start to a weekend!  Emails then bounced around for the next few hours until a little more information was given which eased our minds.  Watching Children in Need helped take my mind of it too. 

Some of us found it quite annoying that we were being kept in the dark about things that involved us.  Thankfully it has been cleared up a little... although there are some difficult decision that will need to be made tonight. 

And I will be in a meeting with a parent - but have put my views on paper (*well email*) to be shared. 

I need to add that I am OVER being stressed by the emails and enjoyed the vast majority of the weekend, because you have proved yourselves to be a kind, warm-hearted and caring bunch of people that I now consider to be friends.

My darling husband volunteered to collect our sons at about 10.30pm.  They had been on a school trip to the Rugby Championships Cup between Leicester Tigers and Stade France.


I also got a second attack of the sneezy-coughs Friday night into Saturday.  I am not 'properly ill' but seem to have an annoying cold that flairs up for a day and then disappears again.  And annoyingly those flair up days seem to be weekend ones!

We did the usual Saturday shop - and couldn't resist these

In the afternoon my Mum, Dad, Sister and Brother-in-Law popped around for a visit.  My Mum brought these (she's an amazing cook).  The cake is strictly for the children (unless no one is looking!)
At about the same time as we were expecting everyone to turn up my son announced he was meeting a friend.  The heavens choose that point to open and so he asked if they could come here.  (I can't believe he thought he needed to ask!)
He straightened the games room a bit - and I suggested he vacuum the settee (since the cat sneaks on there when no one is watching). 
Turns out there was a missing 'girl' in front of the friend bit.  If I had know I would have put on a better top and redone my hair.  She stayed for tea but we let them have the dining room (complete with drying washing) and we ate in the lounge. 

At one point we were going out the front door and in through the back to avoid keep walking through the room they were in (extensions do that to room layouts).  As it got colder, wetter and darker he had to put up with my husband going through to cook tea.
Sunday was a really lazy day.  Actually it wasn't, I did quite a bit of school prep and admin work but it feels like I'm lazing because I sit in the lounge using a laptop.
We enjoyed being able to watch the whole of a Grand Prix.  Good grief Lewis, stop being so sulky!
*loved Alonso's deckchair protest on Saturday though*
We had Sunday lunch this week (normally we eat it in the early evening so it's 'just' a Sunday roast).  With the dark afternoons *never mind evenings* it felt like the evening went on forever - quite welcome actually on a Sunday.

Then, as usual, it was Countryfile, the Strictly Results show and Antiques Roadshow before heading off to bed.

Hope yours was a stress-free weekend, and wishing you a wonderful week too,

thank you so much for visiting me

Louise x


  1. Yes Alonso's sunbathing was quite the chuckle here too! I agree about Lewis, well actually I think this sport really needs to pull up with better/more sportsmen like behaviour. Watch out for Max V. I hate those vague emails that come from work. I swear my boss does that on purpose. Girlfriend, in that stage already?!?!?! Hope you have a good week ahead & that union meeting goes well.

    PS - I think mince pies will be my first up on the Christmas baking list, I have never made myself!!!!!!!!

    1. I would eat mince pies all year round if I could. I might even make it a new years resolution to do just that !

  2. I'm trying to hold off on baking any mince pies for another week at least..mainly because we all love them so much we can get through a lot. If I own up to my son that I didn't watch the Grand Prix this weekend because I was out and about he isn't going to be pleased..

    Have a good week Louise. Hope that email works out!

    1. We make our own mincemeat for the Christmas puddings and tend to make some pies almost straight away...but then there are none left for Christmas itself!

  3. Had to smile and laugh at the details about your son. You are braver than me putting that on your blog I would be afraid he might read it. I will tell you in secrecy that my younger one had a first date with a boy yesterday. I had to drop her in town and he brought her back. She didn't bring him in to meet us.........

    1. He'd kept it quite secret ... but it might explain a sudden interest in new clothes. His twin brother didn't even know about his girlfriend.

    2. I hope your union meeting went okay today Louise. It's not good to get that information on a Friday, especially when it is so vague. I sometimes think it is all about power and intimidation but perhaps I'm wrong in your case. We heard in this way that our service was going into consultation. It was a bolt out the blue and it felt it was a foregone conclusion.
      The story of your son and his 'friend' did make me laugh, especially the laundry on the airer (how many of us put that away with company present, especially when we want to present a good impression - my hand is up!) lol And the going out the front door and coming in the back to avoid going through the ding room. The things we do sometimes for our children!! That really made me smile and yes it's the sort of thing we would have done too! Hope your not-a-cold is feeling better. Waving on Monday and have a good week.

  4. What a busy & interesting weekend you've had... Nice he's got a friend that happens to be a girl!!! That would make a great comedy act with you guys 'tiptoeing' around them!!! Yay to Christmas since it means mince pies (cooked by our neighbor in my case!!!) & I hope that annoying cold bug goes far, far Away:)!!!!!

  5. Gosh Louise you packed a lot in! I laughed when you mentioned the missing "girl" bit and going out the front door and in the back! Yes Lewis needs to get over himself! Alonso made me smile too :) hope your cold has gone and the union meeting was Ok x

  6. I do love a mince pie, but save them for December, to keep it special. The little scenario with your son and his "friend" made me smile. Have a great week Louise.

  7. I must try making mince pies! It is not a tradition of ours but I know I could adopt it in a flash.
    I'm very touched by your first picture. It's been ten days in hell but we will prevail!
    Thank You Louise & Greetings from a Parisian girl who lives in Chicago~

  8. I've just made a batch of sausage rolls - funny how those and mince pies are never made at any other time of year!
    Loved the story of how you had to divert your journeys to make sure your son and his girl friend had some privacy - the things we do eh?!


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