Monday, 9 November 2015

Me on Monday - the getting further behind on blogging weekend

A huge hello to Sian and all the other Monday-ers - be they bloggers, commenters or just readers.   And hopefully you are all getting over those nasty colds that seem to have laid a lot of you low last weekend (the lovely host of this meme included).

Well it was a weekend of rugby letters, lazing (for me anyway, my darling hubby had quite a busy time), last minute visitors, mundane tasks and getting tired/bored of daily blogging!

The younger-by-one-minute son came home with a letter about a trip to watch a rugby match at Leicester on Friday.  His enthusiasm was overwhelming, so the forms were filled in and money found there and then, ready for Monday morning :)

Saturday morning and I was awake at the usual 5am - I'm sure a psychiatrist could explain what my mind is doing to me.  To add insult to injury it was still dark too

On a plus I took those extra hours (and a few more besides) to complete a double layout for a guest design team spot.  I just need to get some decent sunlight for a good photo - they need it in a few days - arggghhh!! 

My husband and the younger-by-one-minute son had taken a last minute decision to go to Donnington Park for the Winter Race.  They had a good time, despite the wet weather in the morning.

Whilst they were watching cars whizz around a track, by 11am I was ready to go back to bed!  Instead I slouched around watching TV for a while.  Eventually I prodded the youngest one off her iPhone and we went shopping for the Christmas Shoebox appeal.

I've just realised that it sounds as if she was sitting on the phone, but I think she was just on Oovoo or whatever the latest app is. 

Just before we left home my sister phoned and asked if it was OK to pop around.  I love visits from my sister and my daughter loves them even more, so it was decided that she would meet us in our local town.  We were also accompanied by some blue sky and glimpses of sun!

Several shops, two full bags and a couple of hours later we arrived home to a much needed cup of tea.  And a long catch-up chat.

I wrote my 8th blog post from the 30 day challenge, which I then couldn't publish until the following morning. 

Sunday morning I tried writing the next 30 day challenge post, but it felt forced.  So I have decided to aim for blogging every two or three days and spending time thinking about the content.  Writing a post just to 'claim' the publish isn't me.  Yes I admit it I'm lazy!

We did the food and consumables shop and on the way home spotted that it was an open day at a very new 'Nottingham Heritage Vehicles Museum' in Hucknall.  We revisited our childhood memories of travelling on buses in Nottingham and the surrounding county.

Unfortunately I only had my phone, with its really poor quality camera, so I'll use a 'flyer' photo instead.

I spent a few afternoon hours marking and planning work for today. Then did a few household chores.  It was a strictly vote-off watching, blog reading evening.  Whilst the rain set in again,  although some hardy souls managed to set off fireworks in it.

I hope you had some good fun over the weekend, or at least saw the sun for some of it. 

My aim is to have thought of something worth blogging about by Wednesday (or I could join in with 'what's on your work desk' - but since it is also the dining room table the answer is placemats and a table cloth!)

I'll be round to visit you and leave a comment as soon as I can.  If I don't leave a comment it may be because I feel like that cold might have got to my door ... quick break out the vitamin C and hot honey and lemon drink now!

Louise x


  1. I admire you taking on the 30 day challenge. I've taken part in Blogtoberfest in the past and it can feel forced getting a post out each day. That's the reason I didn't join in this year. I don't want to just publish any old thing on my blog, just to not miss a day. I guess what I'm saying is I admire you more for doing it on your terms, rather than just posting for the sake of it. Thanks for stopping by earlier. Have a great week.

  2. I hope you didn't catch it from me! You definitely don't want what I've had, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you. Stay well! And have a good week. Your weekend made for a good read, so don't be hard on can write a great post and we can wait for the next one if we have too. And I mean that in the nicest possible way!

  3. Being new & fresh to blogging, I took on two daily projects, one in August, one in October. I think (already) I need a break, so well done you with the 30 day challenge & heck yes, make it your way, make it work for you. Happy week ahead.

  4. Sounds like a great weekend. Hope the cold stays away from you.

  5. I can understand his enthusiasm for a game of rugby! and thank you, you have just reminded me I need to pick up something for No2 son's shoe box.

  6. Good luck with the 30 day challenge! I blog Ailey but it is hard at times.

  7. We have been sorting shoebox's with the Scouts too.
    One of the keys to blogging I have found is getting in a routine, I tend to post on a monday & a thursday/friday. This seems to work well for me without too much pressure.
    Enjoying reading your posts xxx

  8. It's important not to get hung up about posting every day for the challenge if it doesn't feel right Louise. It sounds a good weekend and lovely to have time with your daughter and sister.


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