Friday, 25 September 2015

Yippee it's Friday

Whilst those of us with the old fashioned Monday-Friday jobs look forward to Fridays, it shouldn't be with a feeling of clinging on to your sanity and hoping you don't nod off during the last lesson of the day because you are so ridiculously tired.  My apologies to those people that work mega-long shifts and unsociable hours but being tired makes me grumpy.  And with our new working patterns at school I am grumpy from Wednesday morning onwards. 

This morning caught me wondering whether I ought to try caffeine tablets, in an attempt to feel just a little alert and with it.  And also because I felt I might just nod off driving TO work.  This was before I managed to trip over the wire of my straighteners (which I was actually trying to unplug and put away), landing heavily on my knees and causing them to ache for most of the morning!

You'll be pleased to know that the day DID get better.  Namely by the way of 3 biscuits at break time and some divine gooey chocolate cake for my lunch.  I don't have a photo of this as my fellow indulgers aren't bloggers or scrap bookers so they would have considered me slightly bonkers (or perhaps even more so than they do now) for whipping out a phone to capture it.

It looked a lot like this and was just the pick-me-up needed at the end of a long week.

I need to blog a layout I have done for a challenge and the last few Summer (I know, I know) Scavenger Hunt photos that have been waiting on the SD card. 
I won't include the Hama bead enamel *donut* dot fiasco but may admit to having splurged out on several (ok 9) Nuvo crystal drops instead.

So a mixed-fortunes day, but a weekend of playing with new stash to look forward to.

Louise x


  1. Oh dear! I'm glad there was cake to make things better.

    I hope you have a nice weekend. It sounds like you deserve a ggod one

    1. Thankfully it was a day that got better and better. I also work with a fantastic group of supportive people, which really does help.


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