Saturday, 26 September 2015

Tonic Nuvo Crystal Drops ... How do i love thee? Let me count the ways..

 I have admired the work of this very talented lady (who goes by the cyber-name of Coventry Ann) for many a year.  On this post here she had used the afore mentioned Nuvo Crystal Drops in lieu of the much loved but hideously expensive enamel dots.

Now I had just purchased some Hama beads to melt in the oven in an attempt to make faux enamel drops.  (If anyone needs some donut like embellishments for a page I have plenty!) And, after trying the iron and heat gun too on the beads too, knew that I had just wasted the price of 1/3 of a packet of enamel dots.

So I went back to admire the layout and scrutinise the dots.  Could I get them so round and smooth?  So I popped on ebay and amazon to price up a bottle - crikey they are expensive on there!  But a bit more web surfing brought me to Crafty Devils Papercraft where they were a fab price (and have a further discount if you buy more than 5).  I will add that I am not being paid to promote the drops and paid for them out of my own hard-earned cash.

Crafty Devils

I avoided buying any of the colours that looked a 'pearl' finish and stuck with the bolder gloss colours.  As p&p is free over £20 it seemed silly not to get up to this amount. (How often have I just spent a small fortune on post, buying just one or two of something at a time!) So I bought nine ... and then panicked that I wouldn't be able to get the lovely enamel dot type effect that Ann had!

Oh what foolish worries - the stuff is so easy to use.  And just a gentle tap from underneath will settle it into a perfect dome.

The slightly funny looking blueish blob is where I tried to mix two colours - I need to work on that technique! 

So if you LOVE, LOVE, LOVE enamel dots I would definitely recommend these as a cheaper alternative,

Louise x

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  1. Very clever! You can never have too many enamel dots


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