Thursday, 10 September 2015

Sort of a meme but not quite there yet...'Two Old Layouts'

A little while ago I blogged about my first scrapbook pages.  And the other day I was organising/looking back through my older scrapbooks when I realised that (a) I had forgotten many of the pages and (b) how many I liked and how many I didn't.

So I have decided to do an occasional post on 'Two old layouts' - one that I am happy with and one that I would love to re-do.  A sort of meme, which I may do regularly or might never do again!

I will start with the yak page first (I like to get the bad stuff out of the way).

Photos cut around, stickers plonked anywhere and that awful, awful paper (bought because there wasn't much available and I didn't have a lot of money to spend).  The journaling around the photos is about the only saving grace of this page!

I am much happier with this page.

It is on paper rather than cardstock as this was all that was available to me - but at least there aren't awful stickers and shaped photos! (Although there is a distinct lack of embellishment).
I loved this paper at the time - it was from a 'paper pizazz' pack and it felt like I had spent a fortune, as we only had one fairly low wage supporting a family of 5 back then.  I think I used some birthday money to buy it and hoarded it, using it sparingly. 

I remember buying a Kelly Panacci scrapbook kit from QVC - it cost a fortune at the time but it was sooooo beautiful and there was nothing else like that in any of the local(ish) craft shops.  I begrudged using any of it - and certainly would only use one thing at a time.  The very idea of using two embellishment stickers on the same layout seemed to be the height of frivolity and spendthrift.


Can you remember when your choice was bazzill cardstock or single sided, very thin paper? And usually I matted the photo ON the card THEN stuck it on the paper!

These were the matching stickers that only went on EXTREMELY special and precious layouts.   Do you want to know the *funniest* (doesn't actually make me laugh though)/daftest part about it?  I hoarded them for so long they ended up in my DD's stash because they went out of style and I had moved on in my tastes! So I only have a couple of layouts using it!!!

*Note to self - will you learn to USE stash before it is out of date/style/favour!*

Anyway they are my shares from yesteryear - feel free to join in and do your own post, or just leave  comments about my bad taste in paper and stickers. (If you do 'join in' let me know so I can visit you.)

As always thank you very much for popping by

Louise x


  1. I do remember being very stingy with embellishments/stickers when i first started, and like you, many stickers ended up being donated as i stopped liking them. I am much more generous now... i want to use that stash!

  2. I was the same when I started, I still hoard things like bling and enamel dots, its hard to use them.
    BTW I had that purple paper too lol, I think I had that in a number of different colours tbh!

  3. First of all, I absolutely love this idea for a series. And, second, so much of it chimes with me. I discovered scrapbooking around Christmas time..and just after Christmas, and all the spending, I went to our local craft shop to see what I could find and spent too much money on a few bits and pieces I've never really used. And yet..the excitement of the discovery was so wonderful

  4. oh i have plenty of photos cut into funny shapes. An yes I have paper i saved and never ever used because after so long i decided i didn't like it anymore. I probably still have some!! Loving your idea and to seeing more x

  5. I love seeing old layouts even if we aren't too keen, I still have some of that paper and very occasionally attempt to use it so I giggled at your comment about it!


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