Monday, 28 September 2015

Me on Monday

It was a quite weekend, with a broken computer and very early Christmas present of a new motherboard and processor, a nasty cold, lovely weather, a flat car battery and lots of Rugby watching.
Thank you all for your kind wishes and support last week and you'll be pleased to know that the situation is resolved to everyone's satisfaction, so one crisis solved.

This weekend the younger-by-one-minute son managed to 'kill' his motherboard whilst installing a new hard drive (he blamed next doors constantly barking dog - it does grate on your nerves after half an hour of listening to it).  He had a motherboard and processor upgrade on his Christmas wish list - for those of you that understand computers this is because he wanted to swap from AMD to Intel.  So rather than buy a replacement that itself would be replaced in a few months we got the new ones.  It does mean he will only have a pair of socks and box of chocolates for Christmas day.
You can tell it is a teenagers bedroom by the dirty crockery

I had intended to blog the last few Scavenger Hunt photos but have spent the weekend with a dreadful cold - the upside is that I sat and did very little for the whole weekend.  I did watch lots of Rugby, and even as much as I wanted England to win I have to admire Wales for their sheer grit and determination.  It was a game for the history books and well done to all the men involved.

I'm sure Sian (who's meme this is - please pop over and visit) was more than happy with Ireland's performance, and I also sat cheering Scotland on against the USA.  Am I the only one who thought that the US's fly half (look at me picking up the lingo!) looked like Zak Efron? Far too pretty for a rugby pitch :)

My wonderful OH decided to try and fix a minor problem with my car and managed to drain the battery as a result!  We got some jump leads and have managed to start the car but the battery isn't holding the charge so looks like we need to buy a new one.

Well I have an update - car started fine.  Both to take eldest-by-one-minute son to casualty AND to bring him back again with a half-slab on.  School PE lesson - don't go in goal!  Oh and we have OFSTED in tomorrow.

Thanks for popping by

Louise x


  1. Oh Louise it sounds like you had quite the week. Cars & Mother Boards, two things that I use daily but know absolutely nothing about. Hoping your cold is completely gone and that you have a good week.

  2. all that computer stuff goes over my head. glad it's all sorted.

    Loving your rugby pic - good ole Chris Robshaw. Did i ever tell you I've met him :)
    Ahh he was pretty too - I thought he was too good for the rugby pitch. Didn't put him with Zac E though

  3. Louise Roasted Sweet Potato & Pear Mash: 2 large sweet potatoes scrubbed (625g) 1 Bartlett pear, halved lengthwise; 15ml bourbon or orange juice; 15 ml brown sugar (packed); 10 ml butter; 1 ml salt. Pierce potatoes & bake until tender; spray 22cm pie plate with nonstick spray, place pear halves cut side down, bake until pear is tender. Once baked, cool so you are able to scoop flesh from potatoes, core pears, mash together, add bourbon or oj, sugar, butter & salt (or process in blender until smooth), transfer mash to saucepan & cook over low heat stirring often until hot (about 2 minutes). Serves 4

  4. That's quite the weekend! I don't understand computers; but I do understand the concept of having to use up a Christmas present early! Urgh! And car batteries are a bit like internet don't think about it being there until it disappears. I hope that's a few bits of bad luck used up for now and that the rest of the week will have something nice in it!

  5. Sounds like a hectic time at your house! Fingers crossed for some good luck soon.


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