Monday, 21 September 2015

Me on Monday

Hello fellow Me on Mondayers and blog hoppers.  It's been a good weekend of shopping, haircuts, more shopping, dozing on the settee, walking around Mill Lakes, and getting planning done a bit faster than usual.  Catch up with what we have all been doing over here with Sian.

We had a rough Friday which I may share at a later date. Emotions seemed calmer on Saturday and the teenagers seemed 'back to normal'.  I just hope they are ok back at school today *sigh*. 
I, on the other hand, struggled to sleep and managed about 5 hours all told on Friday.  I spent Saturday in a headachy fog as a result.  After stocking our cupboards from Aldi I took the girl child for a haircut.

We also swapped an already swapped once pair of jeans for the younger-by-one-minute son.  He hadn't liked the colour of the first pair and didn't care for the button fly on the replacement pair.  KIDS!
Of course the girl had to buy some clothes, even though we had collected some new bras from M&S for her. 
I dozed on the settee for a while (during the rugby - sorry!) but of course couldn't miss Episode 1 of Dr Who :) 

Sunday I  a challenge LO, joined the ranks of failed Hama bead to enamel dotters (so I ordered Tonic Nuvo crystal drops instead) and sat enjoying the warm sun.
We went for a lunchtime stroll around a local lake/river.  It was pleasant but not remote enough for us.


These are shots DD took on her iPhone during the walk.
In the afternoon I used a colleagues idea for independent work to 'avoid too much teacher talk'. It helped me plan some lessons super quickly.  Although working out the answers took a little longer!  Whilst I was working DH had to drive to fetch our sons back from a day airsofting.

So that was my weekend - how was yours?  I hope it was good

Louise x


  1. Teenagers, Eh? I hope everything settles down again.

    Yep, your blackberries look like ours..lots of them will be ready in another week. Something to look forward to!

    Have a good week Louise

  2. oh dear..i hope everythings ok. You fell asleep during the rugby :) I would have fallen asleep during Dr Who lol
    Enjoy your week x

  3. Oh I do hope everyone's emotional upsets have calmed ... I know about that sleepless fog and trying to operate as normal. Nice that you were able to catch a little snooze even though it was during ruby. Hope you have a great week ahead and that a good deep restful sleep finds you most nights :)

  4. Hoping everything's been OK this week.

    I like the thought of the double-swapped trousers ... sounds like something that could go on indefinitely!

  5. It sounds like a busy weekend after a stressful Friday. Do hope all is well now, or at least the stress is over. Take care.

  6. Dear Louise, thanks so much for the comment on my blog. I was really, really touched by it and this has made my day. Hope yours has not been too stressful :) love Lythan

  7. Beautiful photos, hope this weekend is calmer for you. Im a Doctor Who fan too! Still miss Matt Smith though lol


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