Monday, 14 September 2015

Me on Monday

I am a little late but joining in with Sian over here for Me on Monday (be kind I've been out in the rain). 

It was a fairly relaxed weekend, which was needed as this will be my first full week on our new school day of nine 45 min lessons a day.

Saturday never starts with a lie-in as I tend to wake up at "work get up time".  But I did do some blog reading and remembered to order a pack of Hama beads. I keep reading that you can make your own enamel dots with them - I will let you know how I get on! I also made a mental note to take some photos for this post.

The weather was miserable, the sort that makes you want to hibernate.  So we did the usual food shop (during which I bought a steam cleaner, as you do), collected a parcel from the Post Office (not stash) and then we had a quick lunch.  Thankfully it had stopped raining by the time I got to the PO, but there was a HUGE puddle/mini flood just outside, which spread into the road and made it a game of Russian Roulette with traffic and a huge spray of filthy water. 

After lunch I tried out the cleaner - I didn't realise it would leave the floor quite as wet as it did.  Perhaps that is because it is an Aldi special rather than a big brand name *I do love Aldi though*. :)


 It was then picking-up-daughter-from-her-dance-class time and we nipped into Home Bargains to buy the toilet roll I had forgotten earlier.  There are some things you can leave until the next shop but this couldn't wait.  They were very expensive loo rolls 'cos I ended up spending £20. I had a similar experience on Thursday with a pair of school joggers and £35!

I completed a LO for StickItDown, where I will be the guest designer for October and discovered I was in the top 3 over at Lasting Memories. Since I have been back at work I have only managed to finish the above LO so I don't think I'll be entering many challenges this month!

After tea a took a turn around the garden.  We have a long and slightly-in-need-of-work garden that I can NOT go into (other than for 'pegging out') for days or weeks on end. *turns pink*. So my mission is to get out into it at least once a week.  We then watched some proms and went to bed.

Number of Me on Monday photos so far = 0!


Sunday morning started later and was much nicer weather wise.  So nice that my OH and I went for a very relaxing walk in the local countryside. 



We stopped part way round for a picnic of tea, crisps and a biscuit.  

We saw buzzards (one of which was being mobbed by crows), pheasants, swifts and surprisingly some white doves, which we suspect are 'pets'. 

We also came home with more litter than we took - why do people just dump stuff?  It looked like this had been carelessly thrown from a car (it is a load of McDonalds boxes/cartons/wrappers - the nearest McD's is in the neighbouring town).

Most of the afternoon (and evening!) was spent planning lessons and sorting out seating plans and there is still plenty left to do :(  It also involved picking up the not-so-littlest one after she fell out with her friend :( :(

Anyway, a 'mahoosive' thank you if you popped by and bothered to read all this blather.  See you soon

Louise x


  1. Lovely white doves - a sign truly that your week ahead will be wonderful :)
    Looks like a lovely walk in the country and I know what you mean about people tossing garbage & litter - SO rude, lazy and disrespectful. Hope you do have a wonderful week.

  2. I know the feeling about popping in for one thing and coming out with several. Looks like a lovely walk. Yes rubbish is a pain not to mention fly tipping and those strange people that pop the dog poo in a bag and then hang it in a tree. What is that all about?!

  3. That's a lot of lessons in a day. Here they have only three lessons per day 1hr 40 mins long. It took a while for mine to adjust when they introduced the long times a few years back but they love it. They say they get so much more done. My husbands biggest bugbear is really does make a place look untidy x

  4. No joke, that steam cleaner was one of the best things I've bought in ages (and given that I'm a frequenter of Home Bargains too, that's saying something lol) . You got some lovely pictures in the end and I'm cheering you on with the litter collecting. Great job!

    Have a great week Louise

  5. Why is it that toilet paper is so often the forgotten item when it is such a necessary necessity? Good catching up on what is happening in your world today.

  6. I love my steam cleaner & use it more often than I ever did our mop ;)
    Lovely pics from your walk x

  7. Thank you for your good wishes for Monday. Good luck with the hama beads - I will be interested to see your results - somewhere on my blog (with the label of SIPIDI) is the tale of how I got on making my own enamel dots. I haven't given up and now have a bag of Perlar beads to try instead but until the fundraising is over I haven't had time to play with them yet. Have a good week!!

  8. Loved reading this post, I sympathise with the toilet rolls, I quite often pop into Asda for milk and come out £50 lighter! lol


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