Sunday, 6 September 2015

Me on Monday

Goodness does anyone know where I lost at least 3 days from that last week? Derbyshire schools are back today - at least they are for staff! We also have a second training day tomorrow and then hit the ground running (or with my achy joints a slight hobble) from Wednesday..

I am waving to Sian and joining in her with her fabulous 'Me on Monday' meme.

So I had a 'new hair-do AND colour followed by a bit of shopping' Saturday morning,

 then a fairly lazy afternoon.  I edited a few pictures (ready for a guest scrapbook challenge spot)

and made a work 'to do' list. 

Lots of TV was watched and then I did a bit of ironing ...

...well I can't go to work creased and crumpled.  Although truth be told it is only in terms of my clothes, personally, with crows feet and poor posture, I am more often than not very crumpled!

The shopping included new jeans for the younger-by-one-minute son (he didn't like one pair so I need to swap them). The older-by-one-minute son likes a very different style of jean so his were also bought yesterday, but online.

Sunday saw me drafting intervention groups as part of my new role as Progress Leader for Y11.  This took ages and I don't feel like I have done it properly or finished the task. :(

But since the weather was glorious at least I was sat in the sunshine doing this work :) I also nipped in and out of the garden to weed and dead head - more lovely warm sun! 

After lunch my DH and I decided to have a stroll around the local area.  It was very relaxing and even though it was around the streets of a small town it was still enjoyable and we saw some lovely and some interesting things - including a buzzard circling overhead. 

I did irritate my OH by becoming a little wistful over our children no longer being really children, and half wishing they were all back at primary school - or younger - when Thomas the Tank Engine ruled and they still held my hand to cross the road.  He told me to take the rose tinted glasses off and that it wasn't all sweetness and light! 


I then spent the afternoon in that fidgety waiting state that always precedes the end of the summer holiday - the slight niggle about having new groups, learning new names and being prepared for the first few lessons.  I did a soupcon of scrapping (more of the guest DT layout) and a lot of faffing with spreadsheets and medium term plans. 

The girl child did some baking with a friend so I got to eat a very delicious 'Magic Muffin' (does that mean it has no calories?)

and then I just relaxed (or couch-potatoed to be accurate) surfing the net, blog hopping and watching a little Antiques Road Show.

I hope your weekend has been a good one,

Louise x

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  1. Aw, I'm a bit sad that he didn't understand your little wistful moment! Sometimes I wish Thomas the Tank Engine was back too (and there was a time when I never thought I'd say that!). This time next year I won't have anyone going back to school..

    Your hair looks beautiful.

    Have a great week Louise


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