Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Easing back in..

I work in a Derbyshire school so we still have a week off.  However the Maths Dept has a new home so I  headed in to work yesterday (and possibly Thursday/ Friday) so that I can make sure my room is ready for the new term.

Yet again the scheme of work has been changed so I am also trying to get my head around that! And on top of that I am taking on an extra role as Progress and Achievement Leader for Y11 (oh and teach 5 lessons of Science too), so there is lots of new stuff for me to do as well.

However when I got in it was to discover that the rooms still aren't ready to be sorted - grrr!  So along with 2 colleagues I spent a few hours allocating resources for the department and having a quick discussion on topics we would be starting off with.

I will still go back in tomorrow, as I have a meeting with the Head to discuss my new role - and hopefully identify some target students to work with in the first term.  Trouble is the meeting won't be until 3pm so I will miss being there when my 3 get home from their first day back :( 

This is them last year.

I'm sure it won't bother my sons (who are about to start Y11) but I would like to be there for my daughter at the end of her first day in Y8.  Mind you it won't bother her either, but as I tell her regularly even when she is 40 she will still be my baby!

So despite planning on spending most of the day at work, I was home before 1pm.  My MIL, her partner and their dog came around to visit - forgot to get a photo of them, doh, so this is an old one -

In an earlier post I mentioned my photo stash find.  For an hour or so before the inlaws arrived I put them in chronological order in one album and then started to Project Life-ify them (yes it is a real word, honest).  They are all photos I love - but some are that old I only have vague memories of why I took them.  I've just realised that I could include information about what some of their favourite things were at that time (books, TV, toys etc).

I would love to do project life properly but I
  • (a) forget to take the everyday photos regularly enough and
  • (b) forget to make notes to go with the photos and
  • (c) don't have the right photos for the right divided page protectors, so then I get so far behind I get stressed by it and give up!
I also need to tie up Rhinda's photography scavenger hunt - I only have a few left to do (some of them I have taken but not shared) but doing that just makes it feel like summer is over now :(

Oh well we have Bonfire Night and Christmas to look forward too now.  See you soon,

Louise x


  1. Christmas soon!!! I need to add some more for the scavenger hunt too. Hope back to school goes well :)

  2. We had to go back on Weds for two PD days and then yr 7 and 12 in on Friday - we get the full cohort back on Monday - so last week was quite gentle and as I work in the inclusion centre/pastrol care etc only a few parents to see and paperwork to organise. Not my fav term - theres usually too much to do and you go home in the dark. Hope you get sorted and enjoy your new post and the science lessons.


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