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Book Release Blitz for Caged + Crazy Good Love + Silhouette




Brittany Crowley

Release Date:January 24, 2017

Genre: Contemporary Romance

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I was perfectly content with my life, or at least I thought I was. Then Zander ‘The Hitman’ Cage walked into my bar with those hypnotizing blue eyes and everything I ever thought I wanted flew out the window. Giving him a chance was the easiest decision I ever made. He ripped apart my safe little existence and took me along for the ride of my life. He was a fighter, a hero and every woman’s fantasy.


I didn’t need any distractions coming up on the biggest fight of my career, but fate had other plans. Savannah was a breath of fresh air and the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. I never planned on meeting her, I also don't plan on letting her go. I'll do whatever it takes to show her that I'm more than just the name, and will stop at nothing to make her mine.


Brittany Crowley grew up in Massachusetts and still lives there today. She is a stay at home mom to her three little ones and loves every second of it. Getting into the world of romance after she had her first child, she was hooked. Never thinking she had what it takes to write, she had many ideas in her head but never put them on paper. Now you can find her trying to keep up with her crazy kids and writing any chance she gets.







(Crazy Love Series #1)


MF Isaacs

Release Date:January 24, 2017

Genre: New Adult

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After 18 years of being sheltered by my dad and brothers, the only thing I want is to go off to college and experience life like any other girl my age. I’ve spent endless hours dreaming of ditching dad approved clothes and brother approved social events.

I want to make my own friends and explore...relationships.

I wasn’t prepared for my dad and brother to embrace Steve, the tattooed man who was hanging out shirtless in my dorm room on move in day. How can I explore friendships much less relationships when Steve has taken over as my primary protector? Acting like my brothers used to, only the feelings he invokes are nothing brotherly.

I just want to explore...Steve Morrison, the alpha male who happens to be my roommates overprotective brother.


All that is left of my family is Curtis, my fraternal twin brother and Sierra our younger sister. My mission is to protect Sierra with everything I am. I will be there to prevent her from being sucked into the typical college experiences including dating and partying. No way will I let her fall for the stupid guys on campus.

I won’t let her be distracted by anyone…even her roommate.

I have reasons for needing to protect Sierra. Most guys my age wouldn’t understand, but most guys haven’t experienced what I have. I don’t care what people think about me. My mission is clear.

I won’t be distracted by anyone...even her roommate.


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I’m MF Isaacs, I live on an island in Southeast Alaska with my husband and our handful of kids. I grew up in a family of four sisters, living in the Seattle area. My parents proved over and over that I was the favorite child; my dad secretly took me to breakfast on Saturday mornings and my mom taught me the art of ignoring children while trying to finish reading the next chapter.

I live for vacations, a good book and the Seahawks. I’m a sucker for beautiful sunsets and hot book boyfriends.











Silhouette (The Hunter Series #1)

by S.E. Cooper

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AMAZON UK → http://amzn.to/2h83t0E

AMAZON US → http://amzn.to/2gVSAfv

AMAZON AU → http://amzn.to/2gQNwbA

AMAZON CA → http://amzn.to/2g0fX56

ITUNES - https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/id1191122442

BARNES & NOBLE - http://bit.ly/2j671xm

KOBO - https://www.kobo.com/gb/en/ebook/silhouette-16


"Daddy, what is a white lie?"

My father put down his spoon and looked at me thoughtfully.

"Why'd you ask, Princess?"

"I heard you talking yesterday and you said 'one more white lie isn't going to make a difference.' I just want to know what you meant."

"You heard that, huh?" My father tilted his head to study me. "It's just a small lie you tell when you don't want to hurt someone's feelings. It's nothing for you to worry about."

My eyes grew wide. "Like when you told Aunt Rena that her pie was good even though it tasted icky?"

"Exactly." He smiled.

"Or when you told the man last week that you hadn't seen Uncle Bruno and you had?"

The Smile fell from his face and he straightened in his chair. "No, Princess, that was a different kind of lie."

Scrunching up my nose, I asked, "What kind of lie was that?"

My father swallowed hard before replying. "That's the kind of lie where you have to have a real good memory."

As an inquisitive child, the woman known as Clarissa Solano, could never have imagined how significant those words would become. That she would spend years twisting the truth: hoping and praying that she would not contradict herself and expose the secrets she keeps locked inside. Most of the people in her life don't really know her at all. She forces them to swallow her lies, but she is the one who feels the bitter aftertaste of deception. When Lane Hunter sweeps into her life, she finds herself opening up in ways she never thought possible. He sees beyond the fa├žade to the woman beneath and knows instantly that he wants her. However, all is not as it seems and when secrets and lies are exposed, it threatens to destroy them all. This is the first book in a series of standalone HEAs

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Kerr gave me an inquisitive look. “What’s this girl mean to you, Lay?”

“She’s just a case.” I confirmed as casually as I could.

“I call bullshit, Brother. If we are going to continue working on this, I need to know what she means to you. Really, means to you,” he pushed.

What does she mean to me?

It was a valid question; one I wished I knew how to answer. I had only known her a short time, but she had come to mean a fuck of a lot to me. The thought of anything happening to her made me want to rip my heart out of my chest. Knowing now that she was living a life that was not her own, made me want to claim her in a way that she would never be lost again. I decided to choose my words carefully. The last thing I needed was shit from my brother and another lecture from my dad.

“Remember when I was in my freshman year, and I was going out with Molly Anderson? You offered to drive her home for me and you…”

“Okay, Lay. I know where this is going,” Kerr groaned and rolled his eyes.

“Well, you know how I didn’t speak to you for over a month? ”

Kerr cringed a little and began to sway back and forth on his heels, looking just as fucking guilty as he did back then.

“Yeah, of course I remember, how the fuck could I ever forget?”

“Well, if you so much as lay a finger on her, you are dead to me.”

Kerr sucked air between his teeth. “You mean like dead, dead?”

“Dead. Dead.” I reiterated, grinding my own teeth just in case he was somehow missing the point.

“Fan-fuckin-tastic,” Dad groaned. “I’ve been waiting nearly three years for you to get your head out of your ass and start living your life again, and the one fuckin’ girl you shouldn’t be anywhere near is the one you want.”

The room went silent as all the air was sucked clean out of it. I closed my eyes and fought the burn. I could not believe my father would choose to go there. Kerr cleared the emotion from his throat and placed his hand on my shoulder.

“Well, it looks like we’ve got a job to do,” he told me with a soft smile.

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S E Cooper lives in Scotland with her husband, their two boys, a crazy cat and a bonkers bunny. She has always loved to read and write stories but it wasn't until she discovered the wonderful world of self-publishing and became inspired by some of her favorite Indie Authors that she decided to take the plunge herself. Her hobbies include photography, spending time with her family and daydreaming.

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