Monday, 26 December 2016

EERIE - a paranormal novel by C M McCoy

There is nothing I enjoy reading quite as much as a fantasy/paranormal book. As it is holiday time, I have managed to read a few more books than normal, and have been trying to add in a few 'new-to-me' authors.

Yesterday I finished reading an amazing book by C M McCoy, 'EERIE'.  It has hints of Harry Potter (no Wizards in this book though), plenty of mythological creatures from different cultures and a side order of clean romance (always love a bit of romance) all set in the everyday world we know.

This is my review of Eerie - I gave it the full 5 stars on both Amazon and also Goodreads.

The only thing young adult about this book, is the age of the heroine and the absence of sexx scenes.  The depth of emotion, the weaving of the tale and the exciting story line are enough to engage readers of any age.  This book had me hooked from the start and it seemed like every few pages there was something new to be learnt.

At times Hailey was a little naive, but this was totally in keeping with her age - and actually it worked better than a sheltered 18 year old suddenly becoming super confident and mature.  

There were so many ups and downs and fluctuations between two possible heroes, that i felt dizzy, but in a wonderful 'dragged along on an amazing and thrilling adventure' way.  There was plenty of humour, so many scenes that required a hankie, hope and despair, love and hate.  The characters are really well written, the story not only flowed well but captivated me to the extent that i was still reading it at 1 am on Christmas morning and, as soon as I could, I completed it on Christmas Day.

Possible spoiler but I will keep it as vague as possible - my only disappointment was that the dream meetings suddenly seemed to stop - or at least they weren't mentioned much in later parts of the book.  This was a very minor thing, but it just seemed odd.

The ending blew me away on so many levels, and the revelations in the last few chapters will make your head spin.  this is obviously part of a series of books, so although this part of the tale has an ending the overall story isn't finished.  I am desperate to know when the nest book will be released as I can't wait to find out what happens next.

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