Saturday, 6 February 2016

Winter Photography Scavanger Hunt

I love the summer scavenger hunt, and decided to join in this winter one.  However life (and a kindle obsession) have got in the way slightly.

The problem has been less in taking the photos - that has been delayed due to the atrocious weather we seem to be suffering! 

I just don't seem to be making the time to BLOG them.  So I am trawling through my snaps to try and catch up a little.

Here is the list

and here are some of those I have taken but not blogged yet.

# 1 A robin redbreast

Despite often seeing one in the garden I haven't managed to coordinate this with having my camera.  So I am using this image from a lovely National Trust calendar instead. 

#9 A tree that has lost all its leaves

I love photographing trees so I have LOTS of snaps that would fit this category.  I quite liked the urban setting of these ones.

#10 A windy day

I struggled to capture the true windiness - but since wind seems to have been accompanying us for most of the last month or so, you know it was there.  All I could capture was some of the damage it was causing.

#17. A ladder

Taken whilst my dear OH was putting up the outside Christmas lights.  Whilst the steps were out he took the opportunity to tidy up the tree we have.

I now need to get a wriggle on with getting some more of these photos taken!

Thanks for popping by

Louise x


  1. That's a well and truly fluffy robin! I did manage to catch one in my garden but it wasn't very easy. I think most people are finding the windy one tricky. I missed an ideal one a few weeks ago when a horse shelter in one of our fields we let out blew over into the hedge! Unfortunately I didn't have time to get down there to capture it! I like the tres in the urban setting. Trees do bring a lot of pleasure to a lot of people. Good luck with the rest of your finds.

  2. Nice snaps - love the fluffy Christmas robin!


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