Sunday, 7 February 2016

Private Patterns

I don't know quite how she does it but Julie seems to have an endless supply of interesting ideas, and writes about them so eloquently.

I am joining in with her new idea of Private Patterns. So after some pondering and procrastination I have settled on my first topic for this interesting new meme.

I love how Julie makes these fab photo collages.

I hold my hand up to admit that I am most DEFINITELY not a very tidy or organised person.  I am quite able to find some very good excuses to avoid housework - and despite my best intentions (and a near daily blitz) my work desk is often lost beneath a pile of paper!

I probably veer more towards hoarding than being OCD, but I do have one or two peculiarities.  Or at least one or two I shall admit to in such a public arena.

As a maths teacher I don't get out the coloured pencils, or Berol felt pens, too often but I do have a small stock of each.  What I can't abide is when the kids put any old colour of lid back on the felt tips.

I'm sorry but if it is an orange felt, with an orange base then the lid ALSO needs to be orange.  So I have to then spend 10 minutes reuniting lids with appropriately coloured barrels.

And just as bad are broken and worn down colouring (or normal) pencils.  I understand that occasionally a lead will break - although where teenager boys are involved it seems to be a little more frequent than normal circumstances would dictate. 

It irritates me immensely when they are just returned to the box, instead of being nicely sharpened first.  I think I need to buy one of those huge sharpeners with the 'pincer' clip that you squeeze to hold the pencil in place and the handle you turn to sharpen the pencil - in fact when I press 'publish' I will be off to browse online for said item.

I am feeling itchy and twitchy just at the thought of blunt pencils!  And yet I can happily ignore a pile of ironing or clutter in a corner. 

Thank you (I think) Julie, for suggesting this interesting idea, and thank you if you've popped by and actually read this to the end,

back soon

Louise x


  1. You sound like my daughter. She would agree with all of those! I do love a freshly sharpened pencil

  2. Well back in my day at school....and you are talking a while ago felt tips were banned and we had a pencil sharpener monitor.... Perhaps that is your answer. Mind you we were only 1st years (year 7 in new money) . I was tidy up monitor. Didn't rub off on me much! Now I am on the subject there was a door monitor, an ink monitor (she would be redundant these days) one for windows , register monitor and so the list went on!

  3. I am in total agreement with you about lids & markers matching & the sharpened pencils - really it only takes a few seconds to do both. I wonder if it is the teacher in us????

  4. I'm completely with you on those felt tip pen lids! Thanks for your lovely on my cards at the weekend. It made my day :-)

  5. Im the same with pens and lids lol, hope you found a sharpener


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