Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Memorandum Monday .... on a Tuesday

Despite it being half term I deemed to not quite manage to write this post yesterday ..... teenage angst didn't help!

So I am joining in with Sian and the other Monday sharers with my something new.

I took on a new role, as Head of Y11, at work this year.  So last week I did two new things - I ran my first parents evening and I headed the rewards assembly (the pastoral deputy head has taken overall charge before).

It would have been nice if someone had thought to tell me I was organising ALL of the parents evening AND just what I needed to do for this BEFORE the day itself!

My official job title is Progress and Achievement Leader (Y11) so not everything falls under my remit.  Thankfully I have a pastoral support manager who has helped organise Parent Evenings before. So whilst I was teaching (all day) she ran around sorting the jobs that I was meant to somehow know needed doing.

Thankfully all went well - even if only 1 of the students I teach actually attended! 

I didn't sleep well Thursday night - I wasn't consciously worrying about the assembly but perhaps it was in the back of my mind.

So I spent Friday with a dull headache, feeling a bit sick (probably more unconscious worry) and knowing that I had stupidly booked a meeting with a parent during lunch and that the assembly would start fairly soon after it!

The Head teacher told me not to walk around too much, as that had been deemed an issue in assemblies earlier that week.  So I stood there, aware that I had a decent presentation but hadn't really thought through everything I wanted to say.

It had been one of those weeks where one job became 5 jobs, all of which were constantly interrupted whilst I was doing them!

So I was thinking on the spot, with an annoying headache and thinking 'don't walk around too much'!  My friend Rach said that I just needed a bit more 'energy' - which all said seems quite a good result!

I'm off to visit your blogs now, thanks for popping by

Louise x


  1. sounds like you did a good job despite everything.

  2. Rather you than me! Presumably you weren't in charge of arranging the times for parents appointments if you didn't know in advance! Enjoy your break!

  3. Oh my, there is nothing worse that getting last minute notice of additional responsibilities. It sounds as though you managed it all - well done you!

  4. A headache can make any job ten times worse & I find my thinking gets fuzzy during a headache. Well done you though for pulling it off & congratulations on the promotion.

  5. Well first of all congratulations on your new role! You wouldn't have got it if they hadn't thought you are up to it and I bet that headache will have disappeared by the next time you have to organise something: you'll be well settled into your new job. I hope your week has been going well. I'm a bit late here, sorry: we were away for a few days, laptop-less


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