Monday, 1 February 2016

Memorandum Monday ......going down the spout.

Hello, I am joining in again with Sian and the other MMers - a big wave to you all.

I learnt this week that we needed a totally new downpipe because the one we had was VERY blocked. 

So blocked, infact, that it was overflowing.  And of course the overflowing water (as water always will) was finding a gap between two parts of the roof.

And it was leaking into this gap and making the kitchen, dining room and bathroom walls damp.  That horrible brown spreading stain damp.  So damp that black mildew was forming in the kitchen.

So on a cold day we had some new drainpipes and extra flashing added to the roof.   Hopefully the walls will now dry out and in a few weeks we can repaint them.

You can see the lovely growth of moss and
algae where the bricks have been damp.
And the new flashing to channel the water into the 'hopper'.

It's been a while since the kitchen and dining room were painted so I have a sneaking suspicion that they may end up a NEW colour - but that can wait for another Memorandum Monday.

I also learnt that boys have to know WHY they are doing something but girls are quite happy just to get on and do it.  Which sort of fits, because very often around here if I want something doing I have to get on and do it myself!

I hope you've had the opportunity to learn or try something new (or, like me, just stretch the 'new' to fit a blogpost).

Hope to catch up again soon,

Louise x


  1. Oh what a nasty job that was - but done & ready soon for some new colour. Now the decision of what colour, what hue, where to stop. I laughed at your observation of the boys & girls getting on with things or not. I agree with you & that is from my limited research :) Happy week ahead.

  2. Sounds like a good job done? And what colour will you choose. Will you get a chance to try out a few testers or will it be like here. Hubby decides he is doing it TODAY and off we rush to get the paint and choose the colour NOW!

  3. Glad you have been able to sort the damp problem - water does so much damage when it gets where you don't want it to be. Hope it won't be too long till you can decorate. Have a great week!!

  4. I think you are right! Today I decided we need a new iron. I don't want a discussion about it or where to buy it or anything, so I'm not even going to mention it. I'm just going to go and get one and then it'll be done.

    Sounds like that was a job well worth doing. I hope you enjoy a drier week!

  5. oh dear how annoying, hopefully it will dry out quickly.


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