Monday, 25 January 2016

Memorandum Monday .... learning the hard way.

A big wave to Sian and the fellow Monday greeters.

What did I learn this week?  Well I found that reading the list of side effects on a prescribed medicine will not tell you that it may bleach your towels!

That is what I learnt the hard way, when strange marks began appearing on towels.

They were first spotted on The-younger-by-one-minute son's bath towel.  I assumed one of us had been over enthusiastic with the bleach.

Then we discovered a hand towel that hence forth will be a 'mopping up' towel.

I was wondering just how either me or my DH had got bleach on the bedroom floor (which of course is where any teenage boys towel lives) when I realised that the pharmacist had mentioned his new acne cream contained benzoyl peroxide.

On closer inspection, one of the marks on his towel is definitely hand shaped!

So this led to another new for us (or at least him) - new towels.  New WHITE towels - which up to this point is a colour I have avoided due to trying to keep them white!  (And for the physicists amongst you I know that white is not truly a colour but a total reflection of light).

I'm off to visit you now and learn some more new things

Louise x


  1. Oh my goodness...who would have thought that possible...eeek.

  2. Oh my goodness...who would have thought that possible...eeek.

  3. That's definitely something new - I'd never have thought it was the medicine bleaching the towels!

  4. I think one of mine had an acne cream that had peroxide in. Luckily we didn't have the towel problem.

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog.....who would have thought of acne cream doing that! Xx

  6. That's a bit alarming! White is definitely the way to go. Have a great week Louise.

  7. That was clever of you tracking down the source! reminds me of the time when I was living in a student house and my towel turned the same way. Everyone denied all knowledge..funny how one of the other girls had highlights in her hair that week, though..

    Have a great week

  8. hehe, learn something new every day :)

  9. you don't realise all that goes into these medications

  10. I had quite a chuckle about the detective work you did. I hate when a stain appears & it's like what, where, why, how ... towels are quite expensive & what a great idea to get white. Now I know to look closer at some of the "creams & aides" I use in the bathroom.

  11. Oh my goodness. We've had the same problem with our towels and I think you've just solved the mystery for me! Separate towel from now on!!


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