Saturday, 20 February 2016

Love it and Loathe it ... a tale of two pages.

This is the third in a series of very haphazard and random posts looking back at some older layouts.

As much as anything it is a way to 'save' images of them should something nasty befall both pc and the albums too.

It is also an opportunity to see how both my style has changes AND how 'fashions' have changed in scrapbooking.

Whilst this is nothing like my current pages, I can live with my older layouts that look like this. They may be very 'basic' but at least they don't offend me :)

I see images of layouts done by people fairly new to scrapbooking and they look much better than my early efforts.  And I can hear that childish inner voice whining 'it's not fair!'.  Then I have to remind myself that my pages looked very much like most other peoples did .... that's just how most of us scrapped 11+ years ago.

And we all know that one topic of conversation frequently heard in the scrapbooking world, is whether to re-do old pages. 

I put my hand up to having done this on more than one occasion. 

I redid this a few years ago ... when kraft cardstock was the big fashion.  I'm not 100% about this anymore but it is a HUGE improvement on the original!

I have also 'added' to old layouts to try and improve them.

Oh boy has this led to some pages where the eye doesn't flow around the page but is dragged randomly by a tussle between embellishments and photos.
I couldn't shift the 'frame' stickers and had to paint over where I had removed something else and it ripped the paper.  At some point these photos will have to be freed from this monstrosity of a page.  This really doesn't have any redeeming features!

These are my two love it and loathe it pages.

This is the loathe it ...

... where I can now see that the stamping and stickers drag your eye AWAY from the photos, rather than lead it around them.  The stickers are also so naff and tasteless.  Although very of the time since 'proper' supplies were so difficult to find and expensive to buy.  I couldn't afford to 'waste' paper or card matting the photos, so yet again there is an appearance by the dreaded outline stickers!

And here is the love it page...

which is very dated but still ok to look at, probably because I left it fairly simple in style.  The paper is quite dreadful, but then I wonder how I will feel about some of my current papers in 5, 10 or 20 years time.

Many thanks for popping by,

Louise x


  1. I still like your early layouts, ikwym about things being SO expencive to buy. I remember doing a layout and the photo had 3 matts! Felt very indulgent lol

  2. Honestly, I think any page is a success if 1. You enjoyed making it and 2. It tells the story. The only real way to future proof pages is to make sure they've got the words on there. It's certainly fun thinking about how our tastes have changed over the years: who knows what we're going to think about wood veneers in five years time?

  3. Oh Louise this post really resonated with me - I am sure you have seen on my blog several of my posts moaning about my scrapping. It doesn't matter how long you have been scrapping for, I think there is always the temptation to redo pages - it is when you attempt to redo an entire album that difficulties really set in. I agree with Sian's comments about a page's success (I need to listen to this more). It has always been my greatest stall, "if I use it, I don't have it to use in the future" which means when I find a better example of how to use it. I like your pages. Besides we are always going to find someone to tell us how to do it "correctly" but really is there a wrong way to scrapbook? (I say no).

  4. I smiled when I saw your first pages - we must have started scrapping at about the same time. Yes, there are pages back then I look at and sigh, especially badly cropped where I don't have the negatives. But I agree with Sian, the only pages I really regret are those where I've not added words. The products are pretty but really...


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