Monday, 19 October 2015

Me on Monday... The weekend of two halves

Monday again - where does the weekend go?  Waving to Sian over at From High in the Sky, who kindly started this adventure for us all.

Well it was a weekend of busy and calm, lots of people and just us, visitors at short notice and visitors cancelling, lots of energy and feeling tired, but always one of being good.

Saturday involved the usual waking up at 5.30am - how come 6.15am is so difficult Monday to Friday but Saturday finds me awake WELL before this time?  It allowed some me time before a drive to Chesterfield, which is where my hairdresser has moved to.  It's about 20 miles away but is such a beautiful town that I am more than happy to drive there. 

*Notice that my hair is back to its typical colour.  It doesn't matter what colour I have it done, by the next cut it is back to a reddish brown.  Happily the blonde bits stay blonde!*

My daughter loves Chesterfield more than I do - I think that might be because it has a huge Primark, a H&M, Claire's, Wilko's, Savers and more.  Needless to say whilst I was having my haircut she was visiting most of these places!

In celebration of pollinators, outside 'The Crooked Spire' church.

And here is the said crooked spire.

Not long before we left my Mum phoned to say that as my sister was planning on popping by our house (news to me!) she and my dad would also be coming around, and could I pick up some cakes from M&S.  I got a Walnut and Coffee cake (OH's favourite), a gooey Chocolate Cake, a tea-time selection (2 each of Bakewell tart, Blackcurrant Sundae and Apple Pie) and a pack of 4 Egg Custards. They were yummy and between 9 of us we ate them all!

It won't be news that the girl child bought a T-Shirt, slipper socks and a couple of school pens.  I then had to buy her some pyjamas, tights, touch screen gloves and a pair of (cheap occasional wear) boots!

The slipper socks

On the way home I popped into the TKMaxx in Chesterfield (which involved going all the way around one traffic island in order to be on the correct side of a dual carriageway to get in and doing the same afterwards in order to get back to the other side for heading home).  It was worth it - I got two sets of PL cards from We R Memory Keepers and a 6x6 Pebbles paper pad - all for under £10.

My closest TKMaxx is in Giltbrook (near the Ikea) - it never has any decent craft items *sigh*, hence being prepared to drive round in circles on Saturday.

I had planned on calling to see my Mum on the way home but she is getting 'cabin fever' following her hip replacement. I think she was desperate for an excuse to get out and go somewhere.  She isn't allowed to sit in a car for too long but luckily we are only 30 minutes away.  It was lovely to have my family around ... and as the clock ticked towards evening we decided to order the obligatory Chinese Takeaway, which was also lovely. 

Sunday was much quieter, we had to do the usual weekend shop for food and sundries.  My OH teaches music in a couple of local primary schools so we always end up hearing cries of 'Mister Hallett' as we shop!  Mister Hallett then spent some time ironing whilst I sat 'pretending' to work but as I was feeling tired, and a little like a cold was hunting me down, in truth I really was not doing anything much. 

My MIL and her partner were supposed to be visiting, but road works are affecting their bus services so they postponed their visit for a week.  Since I was feeling so tired this was maybe a blessing in disguise.

We sadly watched Wales (on Saturday), Ireland and then (cruellest of all in terms of refereeing decisions) Scotland exit the Rugby world cup.   I did eventually sort out what I would be doing with my classes today and put some finishing touches to a LO, but since it was quite dark I will need to photograph it some other time, in better light.

Is it just me or do the evenings seem to have got dark all of a sudden?

I hope you had a fun weekend, thanks for stopping by to find out about mine,

Louise x


  1. You certainly packed a lot in. My girl hates shopping, for which I'm thankful, as I'm not a big fan of it either! Have a great week.

  2. OOh, plenty going on there. What a shame the TK Maxx near the Ikea isn't a good one, because that sounds to me like a match made in heaven. Oh, no: I wish I hadn't said "match"...too soon, Sian. Yes, disappointment all round with the rugby!

    Have a great week Louise

  3. WOW you have had a busy time of it. All those cakes & treats sound SO tempting & yummy. Yes it is getting dark too soon in the evening & dark too long in the morning. We "fall back" an hour the first of November, hope that is a noticeable difference!

  4. WAVING MADLY BACK!! Oh, your girl did GOOD with her buys.... The cakes sound so SCRUMMY....& the scrumming with the rugby? Well, I personally think Aussie was pretty jolly lucky & the ref pretty jolly bad... To scrape through that game. But hey ho! I don't even watch it - just listen to hubby in the next room who talks it through to me!!!! As for your crooked spire church. Brill!!!! I'll just get outta bed & soak in some of that sun for you now (winks!!!).....

  5. M&S cakes yum. Love M&S food store. I am a great fan of tKMax too . Sounds a busy weekend. I'll be sending you your veg box in the post but I wouldn't get too jealous about the utility room. I know it sounds posh but it is more of a farm coat and boot room and a general dumping ground. Should you look carefully you can find a washing machine and a freezer.......

  6. Sounds like a good weekend and well done on the TKMaxx purchases - we don't have one here and I got all excited when I found one on the Isle of Man earlier this year - which soon turned to great disappointment as they didn't have a single crafting item in there :(

  7. It's funny how the TK Maxx branches all have different stock when it comes to crafting. I call in any of them whichever town I'm in just in case! Love the slipper socks. And I like that your weekend was a great variety of things. If you're visiting Chesterfield you can't be too far from me (the other side of Manchester).

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment......I miss M&S (especially the food) and TK Maxx (for the scrapping goodies)! Xx

  9. Sounds like an extremely busy weekend. Worked out nicely that your MIL wasn't able to come though didn't it. Sorry I'm a bit behind - it's taken me ages to get Feedly to recognize your blog but this morning it was right there so now I'm going back to see what I've missed.


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