Saturday, 31 October 2015

Bloggin' Bored - but learning along the way

Day #4 of 30 days and I am officially bored of the sound of my own 'voice' (typing? words?).

I did start finishing a post ...

(I have loads of 'started but not finished' posts - a bit like scrapbook pages really... you know the ones, where you only have a few bits left to do but start another page anyway).

... and then realised I didn't have the faintest idea where it was going or how I wanted it to finish. 

Funnily enough this is rather like my scapbooking again.

So there we are - Day #4 and I have already realised that I need to 'go back to school' ...

(and I'm not on about the fact that half term is over and work starts again on Monday :( )

... and use those writing structures that I never got taught because I had a very trendy and progressive English teacher. 

We had fun lessons but discovering we didn't know how to properly construct a letter 3 weeks before our O-Levels (doesn't that age me!) tells you all you need to know. 

Thankfully I had done a typing course so had an advantage here.  But talk about conjunctives(?) and I think of nasty eye diseases!

So now I need to research how to construct a 'story'.  I'm thinking it might be a little like a lesson plan, with an opening 'starter' to set the scene, the middle that contains the real information, and the 'plenary' at the end to sum up and check you have been listening.

Two of the blogs I find easiest to read (choosing my words carefully here to avoid offending people) have to be Julie's and Sian'sI enjoy reading all of them though!

When I sit and think why it is because they are both excellent wordsmiths.  And, unlike me, they construct well told stories that are interesting and amusing.  They don't seem to lose track half way through and wonder what it was they were originally talking about. 

I need to PLAN my posts, just like I would plan a journey.  There may still be the odd diversion along the way, but if I'm heading for Devon I really don't want to end up in Fife.

Any tips, advice or heckles will be warmly welcomed

and as always a big thank you for reading and an even bigger thank you if you take the time to comment,

Louise x


  1. Brilliant idea :) Ive gave up on blogging recently but hoping to get back into it now.

    1. I always love reading your blog Gemma, so please don't stop. And thanks for popping by.

  2. Well first of all: congratulations on having all those draft posts! I'd love to get even a little bit ahead of myself. I have ideas, but no half finished posts. I keep it all in a cheap notebook from Tescos. And I write every post out roughly in that before I type it up because I can't think well when I type. That's the other advantage you have over me: my typing is appalling. I am very slow and no matter how many comments I leave, it's not making me any faster!

    My advice would be to write it out longhand first. But I know that doesn't work for everyone

    1. I shall give it a go - perhaps even if I draft it out on a word document. At least that way I can move bits around and add bits in more easily. I think loads of notebooks is definitely 'the way ahead'

  3. Karen I think you have a most delightful style all your own, which is all good. This post made me chuckle out loud (col). Being new to blogging I don't think I have developed enough blogging skills or talents yet to offer advice, other than to say what my good blogging friend, Lady Ella tells me, write your truth, write your feelings. I find typing (keying) very easy so I write out my posts in a Word document first - I have a great fear of spelling errors! I am glad you blog and admire you wanting to do better. I agree Sian is excellent (Plus she's one of the kindest most encouraging blogger commentors) but remember, we visit your blog to hear your voice ... ok that's my two pennies worth. Write On!

    1. I often type words into google just to check spelling - I also use google thesaurus to find alternative words when I find myself using the same one repetitively! Thanks for such a kind and supportive comment of your own - and I shall be visiting you all tomorrow to find out what you have been up to this weekend x

  4. Some interesting points there both in your post and in the comments - I'm terrible at writing my posts - I don't think I plan at all other than the topic. I'm new to reading your blog but am really enjoying reading it.


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