Wednesday, 28 October 2015

30 Day Blogging Challenge

I have seen quite a few blogging friends taking part in the '30 day blogging challenge'.  I didn't feel as though I had the time to take part.  Job, family, housework all fill the hours. 

I don't think this is exclusive to teaching, but I end up needing to do extra work in the evenings, and there is always some job that needs to be done - be it marking, planning or admin.  Any time left after this is precious and I didn't want to commit to anything else.  But this post by Sandie made me rethink. 

There are some blogs I follow that are very well written and perhaps that is because their authors have worked hard at it, they may be gifted at writing or they may have read books and been on courses.  I would like to improve my blog, and maybe discover - or confirm - my blogging niche.  

I feel uncomfortable taking to much 'me' time.  Lots of crafters seem to have been on retreats and weekends away over the last couple of months.  Finance aside, personally I would feel like I was 'abandoning' my family for a weekend.  Not that I consider that is what these other wives and mothers are doing.  Perhaps an analyst would say I just enjoy feeling guilty.

However I AM going to be 'selfish' and take the time to do this challenge.  Because when I do take me time I am happier, more relaxed and a nicer person to know.  Although the stress of blogging for 30 days on the trot may cancel out these benefits!

The only way I can grow as a blogger is to practice and work on it, rather than make it something I do in that 5 spare minutes that I have right now (metaphorically 'now' rather than actually 'now').

I would also like to find some other blogs to follow.  I know that this was Julie's aim in her '300 comments' challenge.  But I think that is a more difficult and MUCH MORE time consuming challenge to take part in.

And the blogs promoted on Bloglovin are too impersonal.  They are more like articles written by a journalist.  They may be popular but I just don't connect with them.  It might be because I grew up without all this technology, I struggle with most social media platforms.  Whatever the reason for that is, I'm not wanting to read a blog to be sold a product.  For me it is about the person.

I was going to start on Sunday and do the month of November, but have decided to strike whilst the iron is hot (so to speak) and start right now.

Wish me luck

Louise x


  1. Hi Lousie, journalistic writing isn't how we speak in real life, so it doesn't connect with everyone, it certainly doesn't resonate with me. Good luck with your blogging x

  2. Good post! I reckon we're all different & I also reckon at diff times in our lives we look for diff things too.... & most of all the BIG problem of time rears its ugly head.... AND excuse me for disagreeing.... But as a full time teacher who is not teaching ATM... I reckon they get THE MOST out of school work that has to be done. It's crazy ridiculous how much has to be completed in your own time. It REALLY riles me when peeps start in the 'teachers have so many holidays' thing.... Grrrrr! So I feel for you greatly:):)

  3. Louise well done for jumping in NOW! I also read that post and it resonated with me. I also "fit in" my posts rather than give them quality time so I know where you're coming from (plus I have two good friends who are teachers so I take my hat off to you for all that you do!) really looking for ward to seeing how you get on and hearing about your experience with it. Oh and the crafty weekend away thing? I'd recommend you try it at least once. You might feel guilty for the first 10 mins but a weekend away with a group of like minded crafty people from all different walks of life is good for the soul (and helps me recharge my batteries that's for sure) plus I fit more scrapbooking into one weekend that I mange the rest of the year it seems! Good luck x

  4. Thanks for your kind and supportive comments. And now I've been given permission to go Julia it would seem rude not to :)

  5. I do wish you the best of luck! I totally understand where you are coming from on the guilt about time away from family. I've never been away on any kind of crafty weekend because I like spending the weekend with my family. And I have a rule of turning my laptop off before I serve up the dinner and it stays off in the evenings, unless it can't be avoided. I don't like having my head buried in the computer when I have someone I could actually be talking to

  6. Good luck with your 30 days of blogging! Good for you for taking time for yourself. I love the connections made with other bloggers, especially other crafters. I'm with you on the 'professional' blogs not being so personal.

  7. I read Sandie's post and signed up too. I'm starting on Sunday

  8. Good luck with your challenge. I tried the 300 comment one and came close but..... I know there is now way I could do a 30 day blogging challenge - not because I don't have the time, being retired that is no problem. What my problem would be is what to blog about. I like the fact that you're taking some time for yourself - that's always good! Once again good luck.


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