Saturday, 13 September 2014

Oh my - what a week!

Tuesday marked the start of term for me, at a new school, in a department that is to all intents and purposes totally new [ie all the staff in it are new to the school - Maths is a little bit older!]. 

We are just about learning to cope with the very slow network.  Which means if you don't load up your laptop a good 40 minutes before the kids arrive you won't have registers, powerpoints or anything else working.  And don't expect to get on the internet for at least two hours.  It's all working fairly ok by about lunchtime, so at least there is one lesson a day where it all works [ish]. 

Tonight I am going to enjoy not having to plan lessons until gone 9pm and forget that I need to spend tomorrow marking and Sunday planning, but at least that should free up some time next week for other things [like the 3 meetings that are planned for me already].  Hopefully after a few weeks of long hours I will get caught up with myself enough to get some spare time  - otherwise I'll be getting the next Quirky Kit before I've used any of the present one!

I would also like to be able to blog a bit more.  You know, possible a week day, and even better would be having the time to READ other people's blogs too.

Anyway until I feel that I am not running through treacle, with flippers on and a blindfold, I just have to grab the opportunity as it arises.  Which may mean I wont post again until half term,

Louise x

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