Monday, 8 September 2014

Me on Monday

It was a non-food quick shopping trip [for lots of things], scrapbooking, DD bedroom decluttering, dreary weather Saturday and a bright sunny Sunday that involved NO WALK [grumpy face - F1 was on, DD was out and boys were 'busy' so no-one was interested], quick Aldi trip, looking at the building site work behind us, F1 watching,  work planning/organising, laundry doing, hoovering and homework helping weekend. 

I don't really have an orange face - honest

It also involved some mental nail chewing and a bit of melancholy.  The former is because today I start my new teaching job.   Not sure why I should be sooo nervous as I have been teaching this-time-around for 7 years [I taught for 9 years, had a 7 year break to be a stay-at-home Mum and have been back teaching since 2014 - yes I am ancient].  The latter was caused by driving past the kids 'old' primary school.  We have had a child/children there for the previous 10 years.  I can't believe that we no longer are part of it.  Well OH is as he teaches music there 3 days a week but there will be no more assemblies, nativities/Christmas plays, summer productions, sports days etc. 

As I've said before, as a teacher I have missed most of the 'day time' events - although my parents and OH have between them have always been involved.  I still feel guilty about not being there, and sad to have missed them but there are all the things we have done as a family that we couldn't have done if I didn't work.

I look back on those stay-at-home years and remember them as being really happy, even though money was very, very, very tight.  Perhaps it's just because I am lazy and don't want to work!  I think a big pair of rose tinted glasses are involved too. But I am determined to enjoy today, NOT be shy and to make some new friends.  Hopefully in a few weeks I shall wonder what I was worrying about!

Louise x

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