Saturday, 6 September 2014

It's Saturday

Saturday is one of my favourite days.  Other than it being a weekend day [?] it means Dr Who and Casualty are on TV.  Along with Bake Off [and New Tricks when my son's aren't hogging the telly] these are the only programmes that I try really hard to watch each week.  My DD loves Casualty too but she often uses 'catch-up' on a sunday morning as the programme finishes a little late for her.  The more blood and gore the better as far as DD is concerned!

Thinking about my favourite telly programmes has lodged the thought in my head that I ought to do a LO of some of the kids favourite programmes from the past.  When they were littlies the big favourites were Kipper, Engie Benjy, Tractor Tom, Brum and Thomas The Tank Engine.  Now it's anything on Quest for the boys and You've Been Framed/Bake Off for DD.  When the boys were 2 or 3 we had a Thomas compilation video that they would watch from beginning to end - and when the final credits music began they would cry so I would have to rewind it and play it again [very long winded on a VHS player] or try and distract them BEFORE it ended and sneakily switch it off.


I have an ever growing list of 'pages to do' that just don't seem to be getting done, so I am going to challenge myself to combine one of them with a sketch or colour challenge and get it done for next week.

If I finish the LO of my OH then I will post that later today or tomorrow.

thanks for popping by,

Louise x

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