Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Endings and beginnings

As the new school year starts my mind has turned to several new beginnings.  My DD (the youngest one) is due to start secondary school today.  I can't believer that the "primary years" are over.  I was a SAHM for 7 years but went back to work when my daughter started reception year. 

Last years photo

Sometimes [frequently] I feel guilty that she was too young, and also that I missed assemblies, sports days etc.   [ I am teacher, so time off during the term is almost impossible. ]

However the money has allowed us to have experiences, days out and treats (as well as pay bills) that otherwise we could not afford.  And I do get to be with them during the holidays - well if seeing teenage boys emerge mid-morning/noon and communicate with grunts, is being with them! 

After an unsettled and, at times, unhappy 15 months, I too am starting at a new school.  I am in a different county so have an extra few days off.  However it is virtually a new department so we are spending most of this week going into school to prepare for the new term.  We need to tidy and organise the teaching rooms, organise the curriculum, decide what we will teach in those first few weeks, audit equipment and books, locate resources and get to know each other.

There will be photos of the kids in their uniforms tomorrow and no doubt a layout will follow [although I am still scrapping 2012 photos!].  Will I do a layout of me?  I have done one before and it has NO journaling, but I think pages of both me and my DH are very lacking in our albums.  That can be my "new year" challenge.
I have really enjoyed being able to blog so frequently [and ramblingly] and just hope I can keep blogging regularly [if not daily] when things get busy with work.

Of course I woke up today at 5.39am (bet on Monday my eyes will still be firmly shut at 6.15am!) and it was dark.  Yippee, thought I - now I can get my sunrise shot for Rinda's challenge. I googled for when sunrise would be (6.17am), waited patiently - and got this!!!

Damn that cloud cover - perhaps tomorrow or Friday will be more successful.

Whilst I am here I may as well cross a few more off my scavenger hunt list. 

#7. A rural landscape.

Rural wales - middle of nowhere, but in a very nice way!
#20. A bus with a picture painted on its side
and finally [for today] the one I have been dreading
#21. Me and something representing the season.  Yes the sunglasses - although it was very nearly an umbrella and my big thick cardigan!

and no, I simply refuse to do 'duck face' when taking a selfie,
thanks for joining me,
Louise x

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