Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Time for Tea 27th August

Hello, do come in and mind the cat who is dashing in between your feet.  No he isn't our cat - that one is the neighbour's, ours is a much smaller ginger and white cat. 

Please ignore the state of the gaming/music/craft room - it just never seems to be tidy. And forgive my older-by-one-minute teenage son who doesn't believe in getting up before 10am if possible and often follows this up by not getting dressed until the afternoon [and on occasion has been know to say at about 3pm that there really is no point in getting dressed, so he stays in his pj's for the remainder of the day].

Come and sit at the dining table whilst I make us a cup of tea.  Do you take milk and sugar? I like my tea weak and milky but if you would like I shall give the teabags another stir and prod before I pour your cup.  I am showing off today and using a teapot - I have to confess that usually the teabag goes straight into the cup.  Infact my DH gets first go of the teabag and then what is left usually makes a perfect cuppa for me :)

Would you like some cake? My Mum made it - she is a magnificent cook.  I must get the recipe from her as this is a particularly moist and very tasty boiled fruit cake.  It is gorgeous isn't it - she kindly made my Christmas Cake last year  using this recipe. 

Can I top your cup up?  I am looking forward to starting a new job in just over a weeks time, in fact there will be quite a few new staff starting at the same time so I am hoping to make some new friends.  Who knows, perhaps one of them will scrapbook or craft, that would be wonderful.  Tell me about your work, I love hearing what other people do. 

Did you go anywhere nice over the summer?  We visited the Gower.  It only rained once and we all got a little sunburnt at one time or another.  We loved the beach at Port Eynon - we could walk there in 5 minutes, it took a little longer coming back as it was all uphill.  The younger-by-one-minute son also liked Rhosilli Bay, the surf was perfect for body boarding so we visited there twice.  The weather has turned very autumnal now that we are home and the evenings seem to be getting dark quite early.  However the light is so beautiful in autumn and the leaves changing to red, orange and brown look so wonderful, so there is always something to enjoy in the season. 


My word, look at the time, it really does pass quickly when you are with a friend.  Let me walk you to the door, thank you so much for visiting it has been really lovely to chat to you.  I look forward to seeing you next time, I shall let you know how my new job is going and you can share what has been happening in your life,

Louise x


  1. I love a slice of cake, but tea? has to be strong and black for me, please :) best of luck with the new job

  2. Isn't it strange how Autumn has suddenly descended upon us? I see you are a teacher - I'm a secondary school secretary so like you, I've had a long summer off and a bit hesitant about returning next week. Let's compare notes next month as to how the new term goes! You holiday photo looks lovely, my daughter went there on a geography field trip when she was doing her A levels and said how pretty that area is. It's one area of the UK that I've never visited - maybe I should add it to the 'to do' list!

  3. HeHe - I don't use a teapot, and my teabag has a second dunking for my son's cuppa! Good luck with the new job, it certainly would be fun to discover a fellow crafter.

  4. Yay someone else who takes their tea the same as me :-). Thanks for the cuppa

  5. Sounds like your tea will be perfect for me.....just how I like it.

  6. Your tea sounds ideal! Good luck with your new job. I hope you find that crafty friend.

  7. good luck with the new job and thanks for the cake x


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