Sunday, 31 August 2014

Sunday 31st August

Well yesterday it felt like summer was over - not surprising since it's been such a cold August.  At least it wasn't a very wet one, and we had lovely weather during our week on the Gower.

But today there are beautiful blue skies here - perfect drying weather.  The lawn desperately needs cutting but my DH has been busy ironing all the kids uniform, he drives me mad at times but I do know I am very lucky to have such a wonderful man.

We [royal 'we' there, since my sister and mum paid] hired a canal boat yesterday and enjoyed a leisurely chug [just what word do you use to describe a boat journey?] along the River Trent from Gunthorpe to Farndon.  It was so relaxing and pleasant, if a little chilly when the sun went in and the wind started gusting!  Heading back it got much warmer so we finished the day on a positive.  I saw at least 4 kingfishers darting along, just above the river.  I kept trying to point them out to my sister [who hasn't seen one before] but couldn't get the word 'kingfisher' out of my mouth in my excitement at seeing them.  I resorted to telling her that if I pointed and made a strange squeaking noise I had seen one - so of course no more were seen. 

We also saw a huge bull in a field with cows - he found one of them quite attractive which resulted in me having to cover my daughter's eyes! 

I ticked 'a horn' of my scavenger hunt list to when I spotted these other cows

#11. A horn.

and grabbed this very poor photo on the journey home.

#1. A sign welcoming people to your home town - not that it's exactly saying welcome but it's the best on offer - sums Hucknall up quite well really.

If buzzard or heron had been on the list I would have been quids in - it got quite boring seeing them in the end.  I'm lying - I adore seeing buzzards swooping and soaring on thermals.

Crickey, this is a picture heavy post - I think I quite like it that way though, so must try to do more of it in the future,
Louise x

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